Sun & Bluesday: On Goldy Pond

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You called him Denard again in the 3rd Quarter summary.
I'm still not worried about stopping Michigan, as they seem to be one dimensional and telegraph their plays. I'm also not worried about Michigan stopping us as our offense continues to improve more than their D has. It's always a good game though.

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If it looks like Denard and throws ints like Denard I fail to see the difference.  

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If it looks like Denard and throws ints arm punts like Denard I fail to see the difference.  
There, fixed that for you ; )

"Those two, they're ruining this war, for all of us!"  MAJ Houlihan, when she was whining about Hawkeye and Trapper because they were simply having fun.

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Fitzbuck | Toledo - Ohio's right armpit | "A troll by any other name is still a troll".



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My mother always told me that honesty was the best policy...

There can be only one

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I pretty much agree with all of your snark, Johnny.  But Funchess is a completely legit threat; and he is only going to get better, with an OL that just has to improve (it couldn't get any more discombobulated) and with more help from the other recievers going forward, particularly the '14 crew, which will include a rehabbed Amarah Darboh (busted foot bone) and a freshman Drake Harris, the #1 overall recruit in Michigan and the #6 WR in the nation.
Funchess is just a gigantic target with very good hands.  And very good blocking instincts too.  My worry about Funchess is if somebody convinces him to go to the NFL after his junior year.

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I wasn't aware that Michigan flipped Webb (the Rivals #1 player in that state).  That aside, even if the OL "has to improve," the results necessarily won't get any better--Akron and UConn aren't on the schedule from here on out, to say nothing of Minnesota and Central Michigan.

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with an OL that just has to improve (it couldn't get any more discombobulated)

I'll see your Al Borgess and raise you a Jim Bollman...Hoke and Bollman would actually be a pretty funny coaching tandom.  One doesn't use a headset.  The other doesn't know how to.  And both couldn't coach their way out of a wet paperbag that a 2-liter ripped through. 

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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Looks like Green found Hoke's hidden stash of doughnuts

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tOSU could be riding into Ann Arbor with a 23 game win streak, while scUM may have a 20 home game winning home streak. Stop the run, Funchess may have a lot of receiving yards but we have Hyde and spread the ball around in the air. Force Garner in two some turn overs its a 24 game win streak headed for a rematch or meeting their "little Brother" in Indianapolis on Dec 7.

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So, if we consider last season and the current; Borges had a RB playing QB, a QB playing WR, and a WR playing TE (and what appears to be a NT playing RB).

How does this team ever win?

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We can't decide whether he's:
1) a mad genius;
2) a pretty smart guy doing his best with the players he inherited; or
3) a one trick pony who can't use the players he got the way the Good Lord intends.
Maybe all of the above.