Catching Up with Garrett Taylor

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I just wanted to comment for Taylor's sake. He's the real victim in this Hyde saga. He gets his own story on 11W, which would be the highlight of a lifetime for many kids and almost no one is going to see it because it's following the biggest story since Tatgate.
Garrett, here's to you.

Pain of Discipline

Pain of Regret

Take Your Pick

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Indeed.  Cheers to Taylor.   Good luck in High School ball and continued success wherever you land for College ball.    Congrats of the OSU offer too!

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

I Believe In Ohio State.

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He's a high school teammate of 2015 LB Ricky DeBerry, who also has a Buckeye offer among his near 40 scholarship offers.

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If he gets double digit interceptions, then damn. Good luck to you, young man! SOunds like a good guy, too!

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Wow. Garrett Taylor is going to be a tough one wherever he goes. His sophomore tapes would be impressive even if he were a senior! Here's hoping Garrett chooses to play in front of 105k+ fans in Scarlet and Gray! 

Proud Alumnus, Class of '98

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Another very gifted athlete. How do our coaches find all of these studs. As always, I hope he is a buckeye. If he has a OSU offer I know he is worth it. Good luck to him whatever he decides. I'm confidant he will be a great student athlete.
Thanks for the info. And a great read.  

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