A Conversation with Archie Griffin

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Always loved Archie.  So down to earth and friendly when i met him and got his autograph as a kid.  May there never be another 2 time Heisman trophy winner.

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Such a humble Buckeye hero.

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Thanks for the interview! Mr. Griffin has some great stories, and a very humble man. Can you imagine him at scUM, Northwestern or the Academy?

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What a class act.  Thanks for the brilliant interview, Kyle!

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Thank you for the great article. Archie is a the ambassador for the The Ohio State University. Archie came to our high school for a charity BB game while he was in college. He did not play but he was very gracious talking to all the people there and giving out autographed pictures. I was older than Archie but I wanted one of those pictures. I yelled, "Over your shoulder Arch." He turned and smiled and gave me a picture.

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Archie Griffin is the embodiment of what makes Buckeye Nation so special - his humility, despite achievements that make him almost peerless; that graciousness that makes him so approachable; that cool, classy demeanor... He is the real deal - Archie makes me even prouder to be a Buckeye.
(And btw, if you didn't read the SI piece about the '74 MSU game, go read it - the writing is a real treat, despite the frustrating subject matter.)

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Thanks Archie and 11W


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Offensively, we threw up a googob of points.

God I love Archie.

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literally the first thing i noticed. he's the best

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I'm 46 and still have my boyhood man crush on Archie.

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My Dad and surviving uncles talk to this day about any one of the '73, '74 or '75 teams could...should have been National Champs.

"He's a better young man than he is a football player, and he's the best football player I've ever seen" - W.W. Hayes, speaking about Archie Griffin.

How very true, Woody.

Excellent interview 11W!

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In my book he is the greatest Buckeye ever!  What a class act.

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He should be in bronze, next to his ole ball coach at the WHC!!


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Great interview, Archie is truly a great person and he proves it time and time again. When he speaks about Woody, it almost brings a tear to my eye. It's a shame the incredible amount of good Coach Hayes did gets overshadowed by his legendary temper. The man was absolutely incredible, and he molded so many great people. I never met Woody, but what he means to me cannot be expressed in words. Archie is a prime example of the type of person Woody wanted to represnt The Ohio State University.

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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There should be a picture of Archie Griffin in the dictionary under the word class. First Buckeye jersey I ever had was Archie's #45. Really nice to see him mention Paul Warfield one of the all time most under rated WR's to play the game; he was money with the Fins.
Great job Kyle & 11W!!

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Thank you both for getting this together. I'll always take the time to read anything related to Woody or Archie. Great human beings - they pay it forward by sharing their stories each time; definitely inspires me to pay it forward.
Does anyone else know if there have been more runners up in college football? 73,75,89,2006,2007. Any other pertinent years? '69.

I like football

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I was in high school during Archie's years at TOSU. Man, it was fun watching Corny Greene lead Archie down the line of scrimmage on the option. More often than not Arch got the pitch but Corny was so slick with the ball he could keep the D guessing.

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...impossible not to like Archie Griffin.  When God started handing out gifts and talents, he gave it all the Archie.  Extreme (top level) talent and humility rarely stand shoulder to shoulder in one individual. Archie Griffin is the exception.

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Wow! An Archie Griffin interview!! Thanks Kyle & 11W for this. Means a lot...great interview too. Archie is one of the reasons I am so fanatical about OSU & reading how humble he is, as well as how much of a Buckeye he is was a treat. Thanks again.

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Quite simply, the Greatest College Football Player Ever!!!!

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Archie is such a great guys and absolute great ambassador for the university!  He's such a role model and I love learning more about him. 
Go Bucks!

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Archie is the best ambassador a school and program could hope for.  Thankfully, we don't have to hope.

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Simply incredible interview. Humility, wisdom, intensity, the constant effort to become a better person. Archie embodies what Ohio State is about. Always has been my idol, always will be.

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