Meyer Has Players Thinking About Life After Football

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“No one in the country does this,” he said. “This is a revolutionary idea. No one thought to do it. It’s an awesome idea and a credit to Coach Meyer. It’s awesome to see how the program is going in that area. Coach Meyer has done a great job of connecting academics and football.”

This statement by Cory Linsley could be applied to numerous ideas Urban Meyer and his staff brought with him to advance the Buckeye program. I also like Marcus Hall's comment about how much it shows Urban cares about these individuals beyond the football field. He really sets himself apart from the head coaches of other major football teams in the country and the parents of these recruits really take note.

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Great point Cin....Meyer may not be able to steer every young man to knowing, staying on the right path. But it's great that he is putting forth the effort off the football field, despite what the media might say.

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But this is totally inconsistent with the fact that Urban Meyer is a win-at-atll-costs coach who doesn't care enough about his kids to mentor them - i.e. Aaron Hernandez.
Seriously, this is great.  I think Urban is doing his "second round" of coaching right.  He's still recruiting like mad, he's still winning, but he's somehow doing MORE (with his family, and with his players, and with the fans and community).

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Awesome to hear!!!  What a fantastic program to implement and another great tool to help young recruits decide why OSU is the better choice!

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ESPN and Clay Travis didn't cover this story? 

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Thanks for sharing this story with us Kyle. What an excellent program for everyone involved. I have heard for years that in Columbus if you keep your nose clean and have 'former Ohio State football player' on your resume that somebody would hire you. And while to a degree that might be true, programs like this are a perfect way to set a kid up for their future off the field and away from OSU.

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ESPN Headline:

"Meyer Has Players Thinking About A LIFE OF CRIME and DRUGS AFTER FOOTBALL"

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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Wow.  What a great thing to be doing for these kids.  You would have thought that somewhere, somebody in the college arena would have thought about this.  I'm stunned that this is not happening anywhere else.
This only adds to "good" side of the scale for Coach Meyer in the face of all the "bad" things some of these media clowns want to heap on him.
And please, get here quickly, August 31.

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These are life and career skills critical for all college students.  Athletes have such limited opportunities for jobs and internships that this remarkable program will be great for them!  Also, I give Urban credit for bringing in the right people to run the program; he can remain the visionary without having to micromanage the whole thing.

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"These are life and career skills critical for all college students."
I couldn't agree more.  Instead of requiring college students to take a BS art class that they have zero interest in, why not make kids take a life skills class?  Learn about useful stuff like insurance, buying/renting a home, paying bills, 401k and investment options, etc.  I know and have seen so many people that are completely clueless about many of these things.

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Outstanding but this will not be covered on anything but OSU sites unfortunately.  It should be a standard that other schools should try and duplicate.

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Would not surprise me at all if other coaches contacted Urban or OSU for implementation of similar programs at other universities. Ground breaking stuff right here!! Kudos to Urban and his staff for putting this program in place.


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You can't control what others say, only what you do, and I like what Urban is doing on and off the field. Eventually, the liars will have to throw up their arms and say, "Alright, I was wrong about him." I doubt they would have the humility to do that so they'll just have to look like foolish stubborn asses to keep up this tomfoolery. Now, it will be up to the hearers of these seminars/sessions to do the things they are taught...not up to the speakers/teachers and coaches. At some point you are going to have to take control and own your choices good or bad, but man is it good to see The Ohio State University do what they can to lay the foundation for them.

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I can only imagine this program will grow exponentially.  tOSU alumni, business leaders and former players, I believe would jump at a chance to meet players and give back to the university.  
Congrats to Coach Meyer and everyone involved in getting this program off the ground!

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How many car dealerships and real estate companies showed up to this job fair


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Way to go Urban. By the way, Happy Birthday.

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About 2 years ago (more or less) a charter bus driver here in Raleigh crashed his bus on an I-40 exit ramp. He was killed in the accident. The driver, Lorenzo Charles, was a member of the 1983 NC State Wolfpack basketball team. The same one that won an NCAA championship. (Charles was the guy who actually slam-dunked the game winner.) And he was driving a bus.
I remember thinking at the time that I'd be ashamed if a member of any Ohio State team was a bus driver, or ditch digger, or whatever. That's why my blue-collar parents sent me and my siblings to college... so we'd have a career and some stability. And that's what should be on every Buckeye athlete's mind while attending classes. "What am I doing to prepare for life after my playing career is over."
Anyways, I'm very glad that Meyer is doing this. We're lucky to have him at tOSU and the players are lucky to have him as a coach.

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This is top notch stuff to do for our student athletes. Really shows he cares.

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UFM is nothing short of an inspiration.  There's an old poem about pulling your fist out of a bucket of water, and realizing that the hole that is left is a measure of how much you will be missed when you're gone.  It's a cautionary tale of thinking you may be irreplaceable.
Urban is working in a bucket filled with something much different than water.  He's fixin' to leave a hole, Jack! The potential cumulative impact on the lives of these young men and women, not to mention the quality of life for their future families, with this program is awesome.  Rather than simply marveling at this force for good that is Urban and tOSU, perhaps we should all examine how the hole we each leave behind may be enlarged through positive action, ourselves. 
Do not be afraid to set a standard for your own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc... Refuse to tacitly endorse mediocrity. A fantastic cumulative affect can begin to snowball with each of us.  We can all interact with kids needing guidance. Face it, most are not athletes in a position to reap the benefit of this great program. Most do not even have benefit of a college education. That does not reduce, but rather exponentially increases their need for life skills and guidance.  Guide them.
What if this was expanded throughout the community? Change the future for children near you through guidance and mentoring instead of feigning success by lowering standards or making excuses as to why there is no wonder little Brady turned out that way.  As long as there is free will, not all will be free. Some children (and adults) will still become prisoners of their own poor choices, but this type of exposure to options, expectations and mentoring can turn the tide for great numbers of impressionable youngsters.
Rather than bemoan what could have been had I realized the benefit of such guidance, this inspires me to use myself as a vessel for positive change and encouragement in the lives of those children I am in a position to influence.  I may still only pull my fist out of that bucket of water and leave no hole to be remembered, but I can sure try to make a few ripples along the way.

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Another display of loyalty and family in the buckeye nation. You hear so many stories of how athletes fall on hard times when competition is done & this is a great step to fix the problem. This speaks volumes to Urban and OSU overall. Hopefully other schools catch on and implement the same process.