The B1G List: Ranking the State Fossils of the Big Ten

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I think this is my favorite list yet, although I was actually in suspense over what would be number one so I'm probably not smart.

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Well done Johnny.  References to trilobites, hadrosaurs, and pangolins in the same article as myriad pithy jokes?  What more could you ask for?

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this is also probably my favorite list that i've written so far, but i'm super biased because of the subject matter. i'm pretty happy with the pithy jokes, too

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These rankings are pretty much turning into an Ohio State version of the SNL Superfans.  "Who'd win in a fight, Woody vs. a hurricane?"  "Hold on, hold on....the name of the hurricane is Hurricane Woody."

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Sup with the GoT assignments??? The people need answers.

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We all know these fossils are Satan's tricks. OR perhaps SABAN's tricks! Which got me thinking, what is 'Bama's state fossil? Apparently it is Basilosauras which isn't nearly as cool as our sea roach thing. 
Conclusion = Ohio State wins national championship. Science rocks (see what I did there?). 


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Also, I am pretty sure that you are wrong about Pennsylvania. The official state fossil is this tortise-like thing: 

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Trilobites drew up the basic premise for three yards and a cloud of dust. Or sand.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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the narwhal is a whale, not a seal.

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gary larson once made a comic with polar bears and penguins in the same habitat, and got tons of letters telling him he done messed up. in his tenth anniversary book, he wrote "part of me wants to say 'so sue me.' on the other hand, this kind of thing really bugs the hell out of me"

what im saying is, i agree with gary larson and thanks for the heads up!

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Gary Larsen was a pretty good defensive tackle who didn't know jack about arctic species. And by the way, he spelled his last name with an "e", Johnny.

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"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

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More like triloBUCK! Amirite?
<sigh> Is it football season yet?

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Giant Beaver . . . I saw one of them once. Smelled like feta. 

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-Urban Meyer-

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I've seen that beaver fossil at the Field. Those are some chompers.
Fossilized plants are so much cooler than sea bugs but probably not as cool as tiny ancient mammals. (I mean plants, not plant impressions.)
I used to have a pair of sugar gliders...I would occasionally take them to class at OSU. Thinking back, what the hell was I thinking. I now look back and think it was just really weird.
Johnny, you are completely right and no other site gives a list of things...all they give are stinkin' long strings of web pages where one has to click through, page by page, to make sure that all of the ads are clicked-through. So really, it's nothing like you lists...and thank you for that. That, and science. Thanks for lists on one page and for science. 

Memento mori

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I grew up not far from caesars creek. And went to the fossil field many times in search of trilobites. Never found one.vfound some other cool things, but not what I was looking for. Is that a picture of the big ass trilobite they found at casars creek? Because it looks familiar.

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Thanks Johnny - reminded me of Freshman year and my "Rocks for Jocks" course with the beloved Sidney White. I've hunted fossils at Ceasers Creek as well - great place. Beware of giant beavers, they will eat you up.............

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So an ancient Rollie Pollie loses out to a dinosaur, mammoth, and a mastodon? makes perfect sense.

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