A Kiss Before Dying

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What is happening to the B1G right now in hoops on a macro level, is similar to what Sparty goes through on a micro level every year (hopefully).  Start off the year with some major matchups in tough environments.  Losing some, winning some.  Then come tourney time and when it matters most, they are battle hardened.  They can draw from experience and climb out of adverse holes.  Hoping the B1G plays this way in the tourney because we could sure use a title.

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Well put.  Its hard to gauge a conference until its all said and done IMO.  Right now, the perception is that the B1G is tough and deep - and that has yet to be proven otherwise.
A title would indeed be nice...as long as its not M*ch*gan.
And not to be a Negitive Nancy but I can not stand Dick Vitalle.  There are games I turn on to watch and then hear him announcing and turn it straight to Seinfeld reruns.  Can't stand the guy.  Thy ultimate Duke/Coach K fluffer.  Really he fluffs everyone, but them especially.

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+1 for the anti Dick Vitale stance.  
I flipped on a game over the weekend that I was hoping to watch, until I heard his voice and  changed the channel.   I despise him immensely.   His "awesome, baby" and "PTP'er" schtick was old in 1988.   Now it is just sad and pathetic.   He offers zero insight into a game, zero strategy ideas or explanations on why a team is doing what they are doing, nothing.   I hate him.  Period.

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I'm not sure winning the tourney should be the metric. I guess it is the ultimate prize, but it is so tough and takes a lot of luck of the draw. If you were able to play every tournment round as a best of 3 or best of 5, I'd bet the B1G would do very well. Not that they don't already do well, but better.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Sagarin ratings this early in the year are similar to football's preseason rankings, pretty worthless(remember USC being #1?)
Beating directional schools may look great statistically, but really doesn't tell how schools will perform against better competition.  The best we can do right now is determine the best 25 teams, not how they will fare against each other(and especially how they will perform on the road or at a neutral site).
So far, I see us as a sweet 16 team and no better.

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kinda true but its different with basketball. many b1g teams have played good ooc schedules 

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I agree about this team's end in the tourney.  I don't think the team has the scorers beyond DT that can get them through a slump and much beyond the sweet 16.  If DT has a down night, there goes the game.
That being said, who know how things may develop in the next month.  The Big Ten tourney will be huge to see where this team's ceiling is.

"The time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect." - Woody Hayes

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Hey hey hey.... is that girl with a revealing tanktop, a heart over her left breast and the word 'dicky' on her shirt really appropriate for this site? (Sorry, the Wilson thread made me do it).

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How about she lose the last two letters of her graphic?

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Interesting points Ramzy.   The B1G has been the "best" conference for what seems like several years now, yet we can't produce a champion.  
I just hope OSU isn't one of those first weekend exits you mentioned, but it is really geting hard to believe this team can go even Sweet 16 level deep.   Half court play is huge in the Tournament and right now, OSU is awful working for good shots in a half court set.   I have a feeling this won't end well for us fans that first weekend.

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For me - not producing a NCAA champ over the past few years does not mean that the B1G is not the most competitive & balanced conference from top to bottom in the land...it simply means that a few teams - like UK, KU, Duke & a few others are still the best teams in the land...But that does not mean the SEC, Big XII, or even ACC are the strongest overall conferences, it means those conferences have some elite teams. As you said, hopefully the B1G conference has a winner this year & hopefully - it's OSU...Even if right now it looks like there is no chance in hell that it can happen.

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Certainly basketball is different than football, but don't we equate greatness (be it individually as a team or collectively as a conference) in football with nothing less than a championship?  I would hold the same applies to basketball.  The SEC has continued to dominate football by winning BSC championships - no one really cares who wins other bowl games.  I'm pretty shocked the media in general hasn't picked up on the trend Ramzy points out of no BIG team winning the NCAA since 2000.  In football, the BIG has been getting raked over the coals for coming short of the championship.  I'm surprised basketball hasn't either.      

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I've said this for the last few years: B1G basketball teams play hard defense and (usually) are well-coached. Some years like 2006-07 and 2012-13, the B1G happens to have a fortuitous mixture of upperclass talent and good recruiting for a number of its teams, and the conference gets some national love during the regular season. More often, the grinding style doesn't lend itself to highlight reels, and we get ignored.
The nation's prettiest basketball usually isn't played in the Midwest, but our teams often outperform expectations in the Big Dance because they can bring the D every night. Michigan State and Wisconsin are especially notorious for this. However, as the article mentions, B1G schools don't win it all. My theory is that, while we can bang and scrap and surprise some talented-but-undisciplined teams in the NCAA tournament, we will constantly lose to the elite teams that meld hard-nosed defense with top-tier athletes. Some of it comes down to the old problem of demographics: most of the blue-chip athletes either don't hail from the Midwest, or they leave the region to play for the best coaches.
So, enjoy the big lights and attention while you can, B1G basketball fan, because the chances are that the league will (understandably) stumble short of the finish line again.

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I give this the same train of thought that I give the B1G in football..... If it's not Ohio State winning games, then I don't care. Another B1G team winning a basketball championship means about as much to me as, say, Rhode Island winning one. If it's not Ohio State winning it, then I'm pissed.