Where Are They Now: Lydell Ross

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Awesome write up, and good for Lydell. 
It will only be a matter of time before your average paranoid Buckeye fan leaves a comment to the tune of, "Considering Tressel's show cause, does anyone think the NCAA would frown upon former players saying things like, 'In Tressel We Trust'"?

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I think if I'm a former player, and the NCAA wants to punish OSU for saying something, I'm suing the living snot out of the NCAA for restricting my free speech rights.  As a former player, the NCAA only has you sign contracts with them when you're playing.  So, in other words, I hope some idiot at the NCAA decides to do try and punish Ross so that they can be embarassed in court.

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i think if lydell ross ran the whole time like he did when he ran the ball well there wouldnt be so much criticism, when that dude ran he RAN and ran HARD, then alot of the times he just seemed to be half heartedly into the game, never showed much emotion.  glad to hear lifes good on his end though

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Simply, thank you Lydell for the memories.

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I hope when we look back at the end of Meyer's era, we will be saying 'In Meyer we trust.'
Can't overstate how great those years were with Tressel at the helm, despite the two NC losses.

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Thanks Lydell for being a buckeye.

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I LOVE these articles, "Where are they now".  So happy to hear Lydell is doing well.  I was in school when he was and he was very friendly the couple times I ran into him on campus. 

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Thanks Lydell.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Lydell will always be a National Champion and no one can take that away from him

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Keep them coming Alex and thank you Lydell!

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Great writeup - good to hear from you Lydell !

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Great to hear about another Buckeye doing well. 
Keep it up 11W, these where are they now articles are awesome.

"As long as we're keeping score, we're gonna try to win this thing." - UFM

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Given the tatgate scandal, I think it would have been interesting had you asked about Lydell Ross selling his National Championship ring on eBay.

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You mean to tell me he isn't still trawling the north campus bars every night?  Cause that's where I saw him whenever I went there.
I always thought Lydell had a lot more potential than performance.  Whatever the reason was for that, I always blamed it on the bar scene.  Still, thanks to him for being a Buckeye.

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Love this series - great story about Ross, and love his commitment to Coach Tressel. Classy.