The Chance of a Lifetime

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It'll take nothing short of a miracle for IU to win the division, but hey! there is a much better chance this year

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This simply means any of those teams doesnt even have to come in 2nd in the division... Wisconsin, OSU, and PSU are very much the better teams in the division, probs goes 1. OSU, 2. Wisconsin, 3. PSU... Wisconsin is going to win the division with ease IMO, maybe finished 2nd behind OSU

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That is likely, but who knows.. Wisconsin could lose games to OSU, at PSU, at Nebraska, throw in an upset along the way and you have a 5-3, 4-4 squad in the conference. Another program can sneak ahead into the 2 or 3 spot (hopefully behind the Bucks) and go the Indy.

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I was just talking about this exact thing this morning. I could definitely see Ill or Pur sneaking past Wis this year, especially with all of the turnover that has gone on in Wisconsin. New coordinators, new qb, but same stud o-line and rb. It'll be interesting to see if a couple teams knock Wis on their ass if any of the 'little' ones can rise to the occasion for their improbable chance to make it to the CCG.

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It would really be weird if the Leaders standings ended this way (conference games only):
1. Ohio State 6-2
2. Penn State 6-2
3. Illinois 5-3
4. Wisconsin 5-3
5. Purdue 3-5
6. Indiana 0-8
This is a hypothetical example of how crazy it could be on the evening of November 24. The Leader's "champion" would be the team tied for third. OSU and Penn State being ineligible for the B1G title game vs. the Legends champ.

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Good stuff, Dave. Love this article. 

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Indiana's best chance to be in the championship game

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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With the recent extreme dislike of Wisconsin I hope a Illinois or Indiana goes to the champ game.

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Anything is possible, but I think they'd have to somehow finish 2nd. With all the turmoil there I don't see PSU finishing first or second. So to get there, somebody is going to have to beat Wisky (besides us).

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Lol IU. I am an IU alum and bought season tickets for $30 just to see tOSU smash them. They are so desperate to sell tickets that a single OSU ticket is $60 but season tickets are only $30. Math doesn't quite add up there.


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Indiana beat OSU 31-10 in Columbus. Just a reminder.

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Thanks for the reminder.  I needed it, because I wasn't born yet when it happened.  Streak: 17 straight.

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Im going to go out on a limb here and say the Illini will win the Leaders division.  I dont know if I truly believe that or Im just rooting against Wisky and for Tim Beckman.  I definitely know its feasible and I think Beckman has brought very fresh air to that program.  If you just think of it as Beckman versus Bielema then Im pretty sure buckeye nation is stongly in the Illini corner.

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I really wonder about Beckman.  He's a defensive coach, and yet the Rockets won their games based on offense.  I'm going to watch Beckman and Campbell for the next few seasons to see who really deserves credit.

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I think outside of Wisconsin I'd take Purdue. I think they will have a tough defense, and if they beat Wisconsin(homecoming), they should be able to make it to Indy.  Illinois is talented, but I think they are a year away from being real tough. Purdue with that defense, Bolden running the ball, and they have some good WR's. Balanced team.  I just want Wisconsin to fall on their faces. Without Chryst, we'll see how good of a coach ol' sourface is.

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