Eleven Dubcast: Northwest Passage

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Luke Zimmermann's picture

Giddy had I chosen the opener it would've been the same tune. Should I be frightened? GET OUT OF MY HEAD, GINTER.

Johnny Ginter's picture

hahaha it's funny you say that, because i wasn't the one who picked it...

Bucksfan's picture

Nice work, guys.  Johnny, I was flattered you mentioned my comment from a few days ago about how OSU hasn't had a coach leave on good terms since Paul Brown.  I was listening at work and was like, "Hey, that was me!"  No one else here thought it was cool, but oh well.
I don't know why the Dubcast comment sections are some of the least-populated.  I hope it's not that no one's listening.
Go Reds.  Go Bucks.  Go playoffs!

Johnny Ginter's picture

it was a great point dude, i wish i had remembered that you were the one who said it.

also i think part of it is because a) not too many people listen in the summer (comparatively), b) a podcast requires more of a time contribution than a post to think about, and c) if you wanna comment on something you have to go back and listen to it again to get the exact point to talk about