Ohio State Men's Basketball Has Lost Four In a Row, But That's Familiar Territory for the Team As of Late

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It is mind-blowing to see us pre-December and now. It doesn't come close to resembling the earlier team? It is almost across the board too. Like a switch was flipped.

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To say there are more questions than answers is a gross understatement. 


Buckeyes get screwed over versus Clemson now I have to watch the Bad News Basketball Buckeyes come in last place.

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Is there something up within the team? Team not getting along?

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Is there something up within the team? Team not getting along?

IMO, it's too much of a coincidence that this downfall happened immediately after DW's rib injury. After numerous questions as to how it happened went unanswered (the silence we deafening), I started to speculate that it was an "internal situation"--which now appears to have affected the team's play. It'll come out eventually...everything does.

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LOL.  Congrats to the people of Indiana, spending their Saturday afternoon Indoors and not knowing the rules of basketball, anyway Archie Miller dove deep into the hood, lol.  Let’s see their gpa’s Archie!

Btw: Next football game I’m watching is the Buckeyes spring game  

Don’t be little espn biitches!


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So this new coach has driven this team to the bottom of the conference. Job well done.

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Ok, now I am not sure that I can keep saying that this team is EVEN a middle of the pack B1G team that will win one NCAA tournament game. They should not be ranked in the top 20 after this showing. I never thought they were Final 4 material as some were saying, but I didn't think it would go this far south so quickly. 

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" despite good defensive efforts" I have to disagree with that, they have to play good defense the whole game, not just in spurts.  Indiana had many wide open threes, and lived at the foul line.


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IMO the roster shuffling with Washington and Young messed with the chemistry. If you look back when they were firing on all cylinders it was different from what it is now.

They should get back to where they were earlier and be better because of the development other guys have gone through but it's obviously still a work in progress

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Gotta recruit NBA level talent...not a bunch of guys who will go on to 9-5 jobs.

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I'd take recruiting Euro League talent.  None of Holtmann's recruits look like they can play any level of professional basketball.

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This team will be fine they will make the NCAA tournament and get at least 2 wins, guys don't walk off IR and become as good as they were before they got hurt, Young looked like he has a ways to go, plus a couple home games is what this team needs, Didn't this team physically Beat the shit out of the NBA talent loaded Kentucky Wildcat, North Carolina, Villanova teams? They have to get everyone back healthy,  alot of  them look to be pressing and taking bad shots.

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At least you offer some constructive criticism.

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Let's face it. There is no one on this team that would be a starter on many top ten teams. Plus if you have ever watched much b.b. you know they need some coaching.  But I love my Buckeyes and will keep cheering them on.


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They probably lost because they wore "meh" uniforms. If the team would have worn the Scarlet throwbacks with the script Buckeyes across the chest or even the perfect Grey uniforms, they probably would've scored ten more points, and we'd be a happier fan base today.

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It is interesting to say the least that this is the same team that started out the season so well. At any rate - the kids just need to find that sweet spot again. I think we'll see them come around and finish the season strong. We've seen what they can do - and that type of play may take hiatus, but it doesn't just go away.

Looking forward - I feel like this bodes well if they can turn it around. Teams that go through this then dial it in tend to peak at the right time. To be honest - this team was in danger of peaking far too early. Just shake that monkey, fellas. Get it done.

Go Bucks ! 

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It is clearly a mind over matter situation. Have Urban come in and give them “the talk” .

Do something !

Nikki emmerson