Ohio State's NFL Draft Class Loaded with Top Prospects, Depth Once Again in 2020

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Jonah Jackson, that's the name I'm looking at. I think between his time at Rutgers and Ohio State he's shown consistency, and obviously versatility. He was the anchor at Rutgers, and at Ohio State he was just an absolute monster on the interior.

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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Chase Young has gifts like Myles Garrett, but without the baggage.


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I think guys likely to be way underdrafted are Fuller and Mack. Fuller would have made a lot more plays if the corners he played with weren't all 1-2 round talent, so he didn't have nearly as much to clean up. 

I also think Mack is going to make some NFL QB very very happy as a possession receiver/security blanket. I'm thinking something along the lines of Julian Edelman or even Hines Ward. He'll run perfect routes with perfect timing, all day. He might not have a huge theoretical catch radius (i.e., Higgins and Ross), but his lockdown catch radius is all the way to his toes and five feet in front of him on comeback routes. 

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I think Mack may be the Terry McLaurin of this draft - hidden gem-wise.  He caught a lot of balls thrown to him in traffic... 

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If he can clean up the simple catch drops, I can see Mack having a great NFL career. He always caught the difficult balls, but dropped some very silly ones, he cleans that up and will be a gem in the NFL.

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I don't think I've seen a level of play from Mack that I would consider equal to McLaurin, but I do agree that he has the potential to provide much more value to a team than wherever he's drafted at. 

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McLaurin is fast ... very fast ... he's an example of a guy who was clearly capable of producing at a higher level while @ OSU but for whatever reason didn't. I was expecting a lot of production from Mack, he runs great routes and had good hands (with the exception of 1 or 2 conspicuous games). I'd bet that when they all run their 40's he's in the 4.6 range and a bit slow to get consistently open in the NFL.

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Yeah, I'm not so sure Mack ends up being drafted, but it wouldn't surprise me if he caught on somewhere as an UDFA and maybe made a roster. A pure possession guy without top notch athleticism / speed, but a bigger body / solid blocker that'll do the little things right. I could see his NFL career being somewhat similar to Noah Browns (7th round pick, makes the roster, hangs around the league). 

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Definitely speaks to the success of the program to continue to see Ohio State put a good amount of high quality talent into the NFL year in and out.

Definitely doesn't hurt recruiting either.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020


I think of this list the following get drafted:


Most likely:

Bubble (but I think will still be drafted late):

Bubble (just miss on the draft but are signed immediately after the draft):

Out (still may get a chance on a practice squad):
Saunders (if he goes)

Out out...not going to see a team:

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Agreed with that list almost entirely, except I think Hamilton is another lock. I've been hearing 3rd - 4th round for a while now, and his play on the field shows that ability. I think Fuller goes later than people on here are expecting. Hill is a total wildcard. I wouldn't be shocked if Victor goes undrafted, and I wouldn't be shocked if he went in the 5th round either. 

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Come to Ohio State for the best chance of showing the NFL your potential as a professional athlete!  We are one of a half dozen NFL farm teams!


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Dobbins is definitely one of the best running backs in the draft this year. I see him as an early second round selection. The biggest obstacle for him will be the ankle injury. Will he be fully recovered in time for the NFL combine or will it end up being a lingering injury. Hopefully he will be fully recovered by then and test well at the combine or pro day at OSU.

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Good Luck to all Buckeyes. Go dominate the league.

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I’d be shocked if we don’t have double digit draft picks this year. I put the number between 11-13 for total when all is said and done: 

Rnd 1: Young, Okudah

Rnd 2: Dobbins

Rnd 3: Arnette, Harrison

Rnd 4: Fuller, Hamilton, Hill

Rnd 5: Jackson, Victor

Rnd 7: Mack

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I believe that Austin Mack will be a steal in this draft. He will likely be undervalued and he is a legitimate possession receiver. I may be wrong, but I believe he can have a very long, successful NFL career.

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Good luck to all of these guys! I wish them nothing but success at the next level. And I agree with the comments about Mack. Sadly, I don't think we ever got to see him fulfill his potential in college. But, I think he's real good and will surpass expectations with a lucky NFL team.

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If I was a team with a need at DE/TE I'd definitely take a 6/7th round flier on Berry. I think he's going to test pretty ridiculous and if anything you could use him as a FB/TE guy similar to Kyle Juszczyk. He's a monster blocker and athletically gifted, just don't expect him to be a polished route runner and he'll meet or exceed your expectations. I think any of the WR's (Victor, Mack, Hill, Saunders if done) could end up being nice WR 2's or in Hill/Saunders case nice slot guys in the right system. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pats target any of them. 

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If McCullough makes it to a training camp, will the t-shirt trend continue?

Tom Brady lost to John Cooper. Never forget.

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Long term it would not surprise me to see Harrison being the most successful NFL player coming out of this Buckeye draft class with Okudah being his stiffest competition.  Young is clearly a great athlete and should do well, but I just don’t think he will have the same impact at the next level as the Bosa’s.  I could see Mack having a solid professional career,  but Victor is still a project.  Despite his flashes of brilliance no NFL team will tolerate his inconsistency and frequent drops.

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Young not as good as Bosas? Why? He looks better by the play this last year? Should be a monster IMO...I also thing Mack will surprise as he never was healthy enough to shine.

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I think Victor was miss use in 2019.