Real Pod Wednesdays: Looking for Any Possible Edge in Ohio State's Fiesta Bowl Matchup with Clemson

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Here is my non-professional, non-expert opinion of how this plays out on Saturday.

Clemson makes the mistake of thinking they can block Chase with one lineman - surfer dude QB suffers for it

J.K. brutalizes Clemson D

Fields shreds Clemson DBs

The game is a blowout

National media, who all picked Clemson, now pushes they were overrated because of ACC and never playing anybody!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

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Thanks for taking my question guys and for giving up your Christmas to be out in Arizona covering the team.

Unfortunately you both missed the bonus question. Watch some 30 Rock during the offseason - one of the best modern comedies IMO.

"Medicine is not a science" - Leo Spaceman

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I hope Clemson leaves Etienne in as pass protection vs the predator.

It. Is. Time.