Real Pod Wednesdays: First Look at the Fiesta Bowl, Reviewing the Big Ten Championship Game and A Look Ahead to Early Signing Day

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One thing I hope and pray our coaching staff is prepared for - the Wisconsin blue-print of a first half.  The Badgers knew they would not be able to beat our speed but they confused the hell out of our defense and the offensive line.  The jet motion across and the counter behind it.  After four of those I told the group I was with at the game "the next time they run that it will be the jet getting the ball" and they popped it big.  Believe that was their fourth down play if I remember right.

The D staff should open the game knowing that Chase will be getting doubled and have the blitz package / adjustment ready right away.  We also need to play press over the WRs and not let them get free for the quick slants.

The Badgers also confused the O-line and Fields to some extent.  Fields should go through his first three reads and if no one is open, start to evacuate the pocket.  He cannot sit in there and wait for a open receiver to pop up.  Get out and take any yardage we need with his legs.  He should be much better healed in three weeks, and hopefully not needed that bigger, bulky brace.

In the next two games, we cannot wait until half time to make the adjustments or we could be too far out of the game.

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Great job again gentlemen. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions each week and for the shout out last week!

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The only issue I have with your guys' fantastic podcast is about the media bias towards conferences....
While network bias is definitely real and "goes both ways"

That said, when ESPN NETWORK has a MONETARY DEAL for ownership of the Playoffs, and the SEC and ACC both have TV deals controlling their conference's cable channels, how is it NOT a conflict of interest that the B1G doesn't have TV rights singed to them when they get snubbed in almost every way supposedly justifiable, while other teams from conferences that play ball and do similar or worse get nothing at all???
How about Clemson's issues with PED's and other violations brought to light by FBI basketball probes none the less??

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Colin, I don’t think just moving to Paris would make you safe.

It’s pronounced “Thee”.