Real Pod Wednesdays Call for Questions, College Football Playoff Preview/Big Ten Championship Recap/Early Signing Day Preview

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Advantage OSU or CLEMSON playing in the desert?


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Obviously it needs to be talked about but please spend sometime on something other than the Clemson skill group. I have not seen a single analyst discuss anything other than Clemson’s offensive skill players.

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Maintaining the current structure of a four team playoff, which playoff model would you prefer - The BCS or CFP Committee? 

Also, what are you opinions about eliminating preseason rankings? 

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I understand the players were given the week off to rest, relax and recharge. When do they start to practice again?

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Obviously the big topic lately is the rankings. Did they get the top three in the right order in your opinion, and if yes why does Kansas deserve to be #2?

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Do you think the extra time to prepare for Clemson in the semis outweighs the benefit of the path of least resistance offered by playing the 4 seed?

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With Arnette playing in a cast, he is seen as less likely to snag an interception. Browning (also wearing a cast) has been confused on misdirection and Werner/Borland have struggled to cover the inside pass. How does the OSU defensive unit prepare over 3 weeks to give Clemson less weak chinks to exploit?

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Did the Playoff committee just basically give the title to LSU by protecting them ? I see the Clemson vs. Ohio State game being probably the defacto National Championship game with both teams coming out worse for wear in an NFL contact type game with probably key injuries to both teams. LSU meanwhile gets to play a team that has the tackling ability of a feather duster and really be no worse for wear.

Since ESPN no longer hides their bias towards anything SEC related. Should they even be allowed to cover the selection committee and be the first network the selection committee answers to? Just screams of corruption. Georgia still at 5 is the proof.

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I also posted this in the Hurry Up:

Okay Zach. It’s full on decommitment season, we got one week until early signing, and everyone is hoping for that last minute 5 star flip. If YOU were a recruiter for Ohio State, fresh off a B1G Championship, and you had to go out and flip one player/position no matter how unlikely; who would you go after? What’s your pitch for why we are the better choice than their current commitment?

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How about the overall vibe right now in Columbus - the community, the campus?

Describe how people are reacting to our football and basketball teams?

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I once watched a really good, but undersized NFL Defense get annihilated by simple counter plays.

I don’t remember seeing Ohio St. run intentional misdirections.  I think these would work with Clemson’s DLine.

are 1 1/2 weeks enough to put counters in the playbook?

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Colin, you spoke the conspiracy to avoid sending LSU and Clemson to Arizona into existence. Now, LSU gets to stay in the south and play for a title in their own back yard. What do you guys make of the shameless campaigning that CBS and ESPN did for LSU to be number one? Do you believe that relentless campaigning in the media and during the games creates even a subconscious bias for the committee members? 

Also, year after year, the SEC always gets the benefit of the doubt when it comes to favorable matchups, getting two teams in, favorable rankings, and having more southern reps on the committee than any other region. Why does this go unchecked? What can be done to even the playing field and allow fair opportunities for other conferences to represent in the playoffs?

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Whatever happened to the mesh routes that Day deployed to destroy Michigan last year? I noticed we seem to be favoring the sideline passes that take longer to develop and are difficult passes to complete. 

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If Dan wasn't biased, then is Dabo obnoxious? :-D

New Day for OSU. Same noon for TTUN.

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Brendon White didn't travel to the championship game for personal reasons. Any chance he's transferring? His role never really panned out with how well Werner is playing.

God bless and go Bucks.