Former Targets in the Portal

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Let's get the Jamyest, for sure.

Mindful of the different spellings, cueing the inevitable gifs, now:

TBDSNITL: The best damn screen name in the land!

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go after one of those guys?    Are you kidding me ...?? 

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Day said he wants guys who want to be Buckeyes. Basically, saying never say never to the portal but it won't be a recruiting emphasis/strategy. Wants to honor the HS commits for their selection of tOSU.

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Not sure about any of those options, but would not be surprised to see us go after a grad transfer DB.  Our CB depth next year will be light with Banks, Brown, and Riep (unsure if he's a true corner) as our only CBs who have played any meaningful snaps.  

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I think at CB next year we will be a little down but alright. Brown, Banks, Riep, Williamson, Phillips, Johnson 

Nicholas l Ernst

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I'd love Wade to return, but realize it's unlikely.

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I think Banks is going to be great.  Maybe just “solid” next year, but I’ve got a good feeling we are going to see a lot of him before he leaves Columbus. 

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Losing Battle and the development of Johnson really hurts in combination, especially since we are losing wade and Okudah early... and DB appears to be the weakest link looking a head to next year’s team, which otherwise could be as good as this year’s team overall. I think most of us, including myself, were looking to next year for a NC run, given that Fields would be in his second year and all of the young talent would be another year wiser.  The DBs developed too quickly, I guess

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I like the grad transfer route for guys that can contribute right away, like Jonah Jackson, over a guy like Antuan Jackson.

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Unlikely they are worth having

Go Bucks! TTUN tears are best! Beat Wisky!!!

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And of course “Justin Fields”.....!!!!!!!!!


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I like the transfer portal. Particularly for 18-20 year old's who made a big decision (not a bad one) but things change. It's like free agency feel without being a cluster. Plus I'd like to see transfer rates of freshmen/sophomores in the general student population.  

I think Illinois leveraged the portal over the last couple of years with some success and I wouldn't be surprised if Rutgers has 42.5 new portals guys on their roster for 2020. It allows a new coach to rebuild quickly.

Also, it is a much better option (for us) than reducing the scholarship levels to 75'ish.

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Baylor's whole team is made of transfers.

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Derrick Allen was a 5* safety coming out of HS iirc.  

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Didn't he already transfer last year to Ga Tech? Is he transferring again?

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I think it hurts the credibility of the staff when they are constantly shopping for older recruits in the portal. I think a lot of the top tier recruits look at the depth chart to see how quickly they will see the field (or could see the field) and that affects where they commit to. If any team were to constantly restock the shelves with graduate transfers I think that will negatively affect recruiting. Obviously when a player like Fields comes along a team isn't going to say no but I think you coach and train your guys and let them earn a spot of the field.  

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Portals can be useful if you have an itch that needs scratching.

I have nothing substantive to add.

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If they had an offer from us and were too stupid to take thanks.

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jebi rak

Ako ne možete postavljati bez gluposti ... nemojte

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What happened to the player from UCLA that was transferring as a graduate transfer? He picked UCLA over OSU a couple years back.

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He’s currently mocked to the browns in the 4th according to the latest nbc mock I saw.   As a browns fan adding him in the 4th would be a steal I believe.  

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Jamyest would be about the only one I would kick the tires on. Hell of an athlete but don’t know why he’d leave his hometown/state school.

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If it’s a guy like Jonah Jackson, very good player looking to jump start an nfl career, then why not?

If it’s a guy who can’t get any playing time, then why?  It’s rare to find a Justin Fields out there!

Year for what?