Videos: Hear Chris Holtmann, Duane Washington Jr., E.J. Liddell Discuss Ohio State's 74-49 Win Against North Carolina

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BuckeyeJuggernaut's picture

Holy juggernaut, Batman! DOMINATING in two major NCAA sports.

Color me happy.

 "Y'all got a real purty mouth" - Dabo Swinny •

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LOL....That was awesome. Chris Holtmann's in game poise and calmness is very impressive.

Also, Really funny to watch Roy Williams cry on every play, time for him to retire.


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This team is really well balanced and has a lot of depth thanks to quality minutes from this group of freshmen.  E.J. Liddell is showing the kind of athleticism and composure in a big man that I thought we were going to get from Giddens when he came in.  Getting solid rebounding and good offensive production from him is a big deal.

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With how well these guys are playing, when does Ryan Day return the favor and put on a hoops jersey for a press conference?

Go Buckeyes!!!

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OMG get Liddell, Washington and Carton on the floor together and this game is over!

Has someone finally seen the light on Luther he looks like he's sliding in mud.