Basketball Preview: No. 6 Ohio State Faces Its Toughest Test of the Year Versus No. 7 North Carolina In Chapel Hill

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As a NC resident I am especially excited for this game.  All of my UNC friends will get a first hand look at the Buckeyes I've been telling them about.  I hate that it tips at 9:30 EST, but I'll be awake as long as it's competitive. 


Get amped, come out firing, shut up their home crowd.

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Got to limit the damage UNC does on the boards.

I'd rather be a minute early than an hour early, 'cause I like to procrastinate.

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And Kaleb needs to stay out of foul trouble.  Against that size losing him to the bench because of fouls could be a killer.

I don't buy one goddam drop of gas in the state of Michigan!

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This is where you really hope he’s grown. He’s the vet here. Facing a, albeit talented, freshman. He needs to be the one drawing the fouls tonight. 

Go Bucks!! 

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Huge game tonight...I will have bingo up, but may tune in a tad late as I will be coming from church.  I will update as soon as I can get home.


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Enormous game for us.  We are going to learn a lot about our team tonight.  I'm pumped!

Fields of Dreams


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I think we have the better team but UNC  has the ACC home index card. Hard to beat a team when they will have 10 more free throw attempts before the game even starts. Book it.

You never lose to those pricks. Ever. Ever. Urban Frank Meyer

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Could not have said it better myself I expect a lot of fouls on casper tonight vs UNC, my only hope is that there is no ticky tack calls against Wesson.

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Automatic win due to the throw backs. 

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While Musa Jallow is waiting for his leg to heal, he can start working on outside shooting.   If he can develop a jumper, and start shooting the 3, could be a helluva player.   

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Here's your transitive property game preview:

OSU > Louisville

Lousiville > Michigan

Michigan > UNC

Thus, OSU > UNC

Pain of Discipline

Pain of Regret

Take Your Pick

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Muhammad is key for defense on Cole Anthony. Need Young, Lidell, and the Wesson brothers crashing the boards. Rebounding and staying out of foul trouble are the keys to the game.

Side note, this could be the game that DJ Carton gets on the radar of the rest of the country.


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Wearing the 1980 throwbacks tonight, apparently. Yippee!

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Bacot and Brooks are big but six of their top eight scorers are guards, all but one 6-5 or shorter. Their next best post player is averaging 1.7 points per game--as a comparison, Ibrahima Diallo averages 2.0. We're gonna need Young, Andre, Liddell and possibly Gafney to help Kaleb. Young's hustling, blue collar work ethic could be the key for OSU--garbage points, loose balls, help on D. I'm guessing Carton and Anthony are more than familiar with each other so that could be fun.

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I know our guys will play hard, that has been the benchmark this season.  We'll see how well Kaleb has really improved, in the past he's struggled against good big men, but he can get off the floor a quicker and higher than last year, so hopefully he will show improvement.  If we can keep playing defense like we have so far, we can make it tough for anyone.  I just wish the game were earlier.  GO BUCKS!


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My biggest complaint is them putting two Eastern Time Zone teams on so late on a worknight.

My tired old bones have to get up at 5:00 AM.

Hello, DVR.

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I've been encouraged by the play of these Buckeyes, especially with their relative youth.

It's exciting that they are ranked so high: AP has 7-0 OSU at #6, and has them at #4!  But he also has 5-3 Sparty at #3.

So I'm taking grains (or more) of salt. Many rivers to cross before we know for sure. Nevertheless . . .

Go Buckeyes! Beat Carolina !

[Go Buckeyes! Beat Wisconsin!]

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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I intentionally left my 8am appt open so I could sleep a little later due to this game.  Great test and good gauge of where OSU is. Should be fun. 

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Are we now a Basketball school too?

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Bucks by 25 in Chapel Hill? Wow!

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So glad this prediction was wrong!!!

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