Buckeye Fan Takes: Ohio State Fans Are Riding High After a Win Over Penn State, But All Eyes Shift Towards Michigan

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My oh my!. My Buckeye brothers on video. I call you my brothers since, just like my real brothers, your embarrassing as hell sometimes. Drink more, talk less. 

Damn right I'm a Buckeye

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The guy has a chance for a couple minutes if internet fame and the best he can do is, "We're coming to get you MFer!" SMDH!

I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late.

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Not much else to say. LoL

"Cause I couldn't go for three!"
Woody Hayes-1968

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Haha super fan Travis is back

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Usually I enjoy Travis.  Today, not so much.

My aim, then, is to whip the Weasels, to humble their pride, to follow them to their inmost recesses, and make them fear and dread us. Fear is the beginning of wisdom.   - William Tecumseh Sherman (with apologies)

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To the Funk brothers, I remember your dad kicking that 17 yard FG to beat the skunk weasels in '65.  It was an awesome battle and he did his job to win the game for the Buckeyes.  Do it again this Saturday:  Beat _ichigan.

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I waited all week to see my Eleven warriors interview and I didn’t make the cut...


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Oh my god...that is PURE GOLD.  This is literally becoming a favorite thing to look forward to.  Host with the most. Legit. haha. I mean and then our dude who breaks it down each week is brilliant. HIs poem.  I mean... love this.

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Use to really like this but now it is more of the same people talking the same shit after each game. Find other fans to interview or is that hard to do.