Ohio State Notebook: Justin Fields Recounts Penn State Decommitment, Shaun Wade's Memory Of KJ Hamler, Sixth Years For Justin Hilliard And C.J. Saunders

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Stover at DE just makes too much sense.  His speed and athleticism is top notch.  Get him some work with Coach Mick and Coach LJ over the Winter and watch out!  

Fields of Dreams


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Totally agree, and there’s gonna be a bit of a logjam next season at LB with Werner, Borland, Browning, Mitchell, Gant, Pope, White, Young, and possibly Hilliard coming back. I felt like Stover was pretty much always destined for DE just like Hubbard was; there is a reason there aren’t many 6-4+ LB out there. I’m excited to see what he can do there. 

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Feeling better and better about this game. 

Give me Ohio State 49 Penn State 13

"porque las estirpes condenadas a cien años de soledad no tenían una segunda oportunidad sobre la tierra."

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He said he believes the fundamentals are “lost today in football.” So the coaching staff, which includes four first-year defensive assistants, focused on that rather than implementing exotic schemes and coverages, per Hafley.

In my meaningless and humble opinion, I agree. And I think as a fan base, we couldn’t be happier for it. Tackling [or lack there of] was a problem last season. I’ll take sound fundaments on D any day. The Bullets are back baby! Beat the Kitty Kats!

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I  agree.  My hats off to these new coaches and our "old" coaches.  It's pretty much been like a dream.


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Two things that frustrate the hell out of me when my teams do them: commit lots of penalties, and miss tackles. This season it's so great to know that the ball carrier is most likely going down on first contact. And then on the other side of the ball, we have a running back who seems to almost never go down on first contact. It's the best of both worlds!

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I agree also. Just watched the summary tape on YouTube and our D let McSorley run free. It was painful to see. Our current D is a luxury that was not there last year. Thanks coach Day.

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Tomorrow will be yet another opportunity for our defense to play with a chip on their shoulder and showcase the improvement that they have collectively made. Hafley and Mattison have met or exceeded expectations in my humble opinion. Go Bucks!

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Fields dumped the PisSU and UGA girlfriend for the real deal...smart move!

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I like the idea of Stover being looked at other positions based on his skill set. We have done this with other players in the past with good success for both the player and the team....Hubbard, and Darron Lee come to mind.

Enjoying daily the back to back ttun beatdowns.


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Wade won't have Pryor to worry about either.

New Day for OSU. Same noon for TTUN.

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thank goodness fields didn't go to those assholes.

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Yep, hmmm ... "Should I enjoy playing for Ryan Day, who has produced 2 Heisman trophy finalists? Or should I have gone to PSU to learn how to arm punt?"

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
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Our coaches are going to have these players dialed in to dominate. Clemson is going to be having nightmares about the extreme brutality this Buckeye team brings down on big kitties.

"Ryan Day is our Baby Yoda. We must protect him with our lives." ~ D. J. Byrnes

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He said he believes the fundamentals are “lost today in football.”

That starts early, too. There was a kid on my son’s 6th grade team who was really, really good.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a FR on a decent D1 team now.

I told him during a break in practice that he had the ability to make cuts that I was never able to (& quick hard lateral cuts was the only thing I excelled at).  I told him that as a running back he needed to not use the arm he was carrying the ball in to help his balance on cuts in traffic.  His hips & off arm could also help instead of holding the ball out 2’ from his body.

I’m just some old dude who played a long time ago & the game has passed me by, I guess.  Not like I had everyone beat w/ 10 yards left on my last cut & had the ball punched out before or anything.  The difference is - I got benched.  For the rest of the season at RB for that.  Bad Fundamentals.  Got to play special teams & corner.  RB was what I liked since half the HS wanted to play WR, I guess.  For him 2 fumbles in a critical game, no big deal.

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Feeling a Wade pick six coming.