Chase Young Named Finalist for Bronko Nagurski Trophy

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Well deserved. We’re about to witness something really special from chase down the stretch

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If he doesn't win this, everyone will know its because some old voters just simply "couldn't vote for him because of merit or integrity" or some other bullsh*t. 

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They have to put people on that list but you'll never convince me anyone is impacting games more than he is. Still deserves a look at the Heisman. Thankfully that was put to an end when his terrible crimes were brought to light.

I hope Chase tears PSU and UM to pieces.

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With Winfield as a nominee for this award, that means he will probably beat Okudah for the Thorpe award

chirobuck's picture they just let anyone on these lists *rolls eye*



^ best post ever ^

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Doggone loan! Can you imagine his stats if he played against Maryland and Rutgers? He's still head and shoulders above the rest, IMHO.

I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late.

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Should still be in the running for the Heisman.

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Add some dreads...

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Dreaded but not "dreadfull."

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Seriously, just give it to him now.

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Still bummed that the Buckeyes didn't pursue Winfield Jr... He went to HS here in the Woodlands, TX and was outstanding - think he ran something stupid like a 4.3 40.  He was undersized and thus a 3 star, but watching him play you could see his father (figuratively on the field and literally in the stands... although older than him, I felt like a fanboy coming up and talking to him about watching him in the Shoe).

So glad he's excelled for the Gophers, just wish he was on THE roster.  

That said - the trophy is as good as on the shelf at the WHAC! 

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My Lincoln Tower RA lives in the Woodlands.  Pretty sure I still owe him a Christmas card.

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There is not a better football name to say or hear than Bronko Nagurski, just throw on the NFL Films theme music and narrator and dub it over some Chase Young highlights when he accepts this award...

Silver Bullets

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The amazing thing he added to his game is pressuring a qb , then immediately changing direction and chasing down the ball carrier. This season we have seen him make two defensive plays in one. Godspeed mr Young. 

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It will be an absolute travesty if Chase doesn’t bring that award back to Columbus. 

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Congratulations Chase!!! Next up Heisman finalist!!!

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Winfield Jr. Would be great in 2nd place. I hoped we would have gotten him. Chase has been great all season. Hopefully he destroys Penn St. Saturday at noon. That will be fun to watch.