Did Ohio State Block New Era Hats?

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Not sure if blocked, but it definitely looks like any previous arrangement has expired or been canceled.

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Too bad! I love this style myself. I have looked everywhere.

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Pretty sure Nike fucked it up for everyone.

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I talked to someone who owns a local sports memorabilia store and he said that Ohio State revoked their licensing rights from the bulk license that vendors obtain from the NCAA to produce collegiate products.  He said that you now need to go directly to Ohio State (and Texas) to obtain their express permission to do anything with their trademarked logos, and this was going to mean that it would become more difficult to find Ohio State merch when you're looking for items like lanyards or hats (items that a store will seemingly have every major team out there on display).

I don't know for a fact that this is what's going on here, but I'd bet it is.

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Either of these (two styles at this posting)?


If not, keep checking eBay. Yours may show up there yet.

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I went to a Champs Sports yesterday and was told they don't have any Buckeyes gear, that Ohio State has deals with other stores but not them. I thought it was BS but the comments in here tell me it might not be.

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Definitely not BS, OSU has THE tightest licensing out there

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Not sure, but I was asking about this a few months ago. I know there are no Stance socks either.

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New Era hasn't made Ohio State hats in a long time. Shitty.

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New Era needs to come out with the same style hats with "THE" on them since OSU doesn't own it.

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Seems like I am out of luck then. Thanks for the info guys. 

Go Buckeyes!

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47 has some cool team stuff, IMO.  However, you won't find any Buckeye gear on that site, either.

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I had to retire my long time and well loved New Era hat this fall with a Nike.....and it's left me very sad. The New Era hat had a type of soft wool material that gently expanded when I put it on my noggin'. Oh so comfortable.

The Nike is a made of a Dri-Fit material that expands but is not nearly as comfortable.

My old black New Era has turned a dark purple due to the sun....now that I hear that they've lost their license with OSU I'm really tempted to see if I could find someone who could die it black again.

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OSU screwed all their fans and signed with the Devil (Nike)..