Jets General Manager Joe Douglas and Four Other NFL Teams to Watch Ohio State Take on Rutgers

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stlbuckeye15's picture

The players they are interested in are only gonna play a half but hey if you got time on a Saturday...

Buctor's picture

Disagree.  There will likely be players they will be interested in playing in all four quarters.  They'll just have to wait longer to draft some of them!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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NFL draft is 7 rounds. Maybe some of our backups will be candidates for these teams. Yes our starters will shine. Our backups can have great games and overachieve as well.

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I hope they get there early.

If you have two people that agree on everything, that only means one of them is not thinking at all.

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Fuck I hope the jets don’t ruin any more Buckeye careers.  

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Respect for Dolphins and Vikes...the others should be there as a courtesy due to proximity.