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The first thing that comes to mind. Did the 2016 offense ever complete a pass in practice?

*insert half sarcasm font

Elliott dots the eye, on this national championship win. 

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Just the touch pass to Samuel. 

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Nope.  Just ran the empty set QB run on 3rd and 1.  Still got 2 yards.

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I'm in, and get it...iron sharpens iron.

It's great to have CY back in for the last two regular season games (and beyond, knock wood).

Working together as a team, and it's clear this squad has that down, to put opponents in their place.

Time to go work.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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Generally starters don't practice against starters in team drills, but the Buckeyes have enough depth that I'm guessing the scout team gives them a better look than Rutgers this week.

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But Ohio State doesn’t have back-ups, just more starters, so...

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Every time that Ryan Day or one of his assistants have had a chance, they've PRAISED what Tuesday's practices, when the 1s go against the 1s, has meant to honing the skills of the players. More than once someone has said it's tougher than going against anyone they've played thus far. 

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There's a reason Bama has been Bama for the last 10 years under Saban. NFL players vs NFL players at every position in every drill every day. That effect is really showing here this year. Hopefully it translates when we have the upcoming NFL draft exodus. 

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An advantage, that few other teams possess, that needs to be stressed repeatedly on the recruiting trail. Come play at Ohio State and practice with, and play in games with, other fellow future NFLers, developing your skill set while getting a very good education too.

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It all starts with the middle ear