Basketball Preview: No. 16 Ohio State Faces No. 10 Villanova In Measuring-Stick Game For Young Team

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Should be a really good early season challenge for the Bucks. Great opportunity for a early season statement too. Go Bucks

Go Bucks

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I'm super excited. Unfortunately the cat fancy crowd will probably be shushing and telling others to sit down.

Instead of cheering for a win, they'll want to have tea time with their fellow cat fancy people

Successful people do what they have to, whether they feel like it or not

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I see this as another defensive battle. Race to 60. If the Bucks can score in the half court I think they pull it out.

61-57 Bucks

Keep Calm and Buckeye On

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I hope the crowd is large and loud...  Go Bucks!

Life long fan of... The!

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Please show up OSU and Cbus!!! I’ll be on a plane from Boston to LA so hopefully I’ll catch the radio call on WiFi.

Go Bucks!!!

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IT was a pretty good size crowd and the loudest game I had been to since the FF year.

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Prediction: Ohio State 69, Villanova 68

You know your audience well. 

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Prediction: Ohio State 69, Villanova 68


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I think no matter who ends up with more points tonight, it is a win for us because it gives our young guys a high level competitive game to learn from that will benefit us not only during B1G play, but in March.  That being said, I hope we win the game tonight.  I say 70-67 good guys. because everyone loves free fries.


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I suspect a lower-scoring game with the winner getting around 60 points.

But I'm totally OK with OSU scoring many more.

Go Buckeyes!

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !