This Week’s Question: This Year’s Buckeye Team Against Any Buckeye Team All Time, Who Do You Want To See Them Play?

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Sounds like Buckeye on Buckeye crime.  

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The 96 team for the lone reason of seeing Chase Young go against Orlando Pace.   You would also get Boston vs. Okudah,  JK vs. Te big Kat. 

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Yup, I was going to say 2015 but you changed my mind.

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I’m jumping on this train. Pace vs Young would be great to watch. 

Jack Tatum hates targeting penalties. 

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In my opinion Pace would dominate Young. 

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I'll take the 1968 team, adjusted for comparable size/ability against present day football.

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This.  Also 1973 team that went 10-0-1.  Archie, Pete, Corny, Gradishar, Middleton, Van Decree and crew.  That D gave up 64 points during the entire season and won the Rose Bowl.  Only blemish was a tie against those people

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2002. I honestly don't see a single way in hell how that '02 team crosses midfield, but I'd absolutely love to see what shenanigans, that we know would happen, to allow the game to be down to a single possession. 

Elliott dots the eye, on this national championship win. 

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2015 so we can all see why a clear choice at QB and unmuddled playcalling makes all the difference.

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Maybe he read this post and that’s why he has such a bad look on his face. 

You have zero idea what any person is thinking at any point in time. By all accounts from his teammates and coaches (the guys who would actually have some insight) he was a stand up teammate. The end. 

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it would have to be either the 02 squad, who proved they can will themselves to a win over anyone in the right scenario, or the '14 team because that would be a massive heavyweight clash that I think we'd all love to see. Between this roster and that roster the NFL talent is... wow... nuts.

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2015 OSU. If not them, then 1996 OSU.