Rb Situation for This Class.

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I noticed Gill in street clothes on the sideline FWIW

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Gill is not a running back here.


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Which is a slot receiver. H = slot. It's not a "back" in the Ryan Day offense. 

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But he could be moved back to RB, I would think at least.  I can't see us moving on from a kid who was a 5-star RB coming out of HS.  Unless he just hasn't developed that is..

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I think Teague and Crowley as 1 and 2 would be fine. They’ve both shown enough for me not to worry. the problem is if one of them gets hurt in the second game next year. 

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I'm not concerned about our RB situation at all, especially if we land a top-flight back in the 2021 class.

Teague is going to be one of the best RBs in the B1G next season (he already is as a backup).

Crowley, as long as his injury isn't serious, will be excellent as the number 2 guy next season.

Chambers as a number three will probably be the best third-string RB in the B1G.

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Teague will be just fine next year. Not sure what to think of Crowley or Chambers as lead backs given they have only played in garbage time. Crowley has some ability, but I don’t see top end speed or anything that jumps off the screen. I do admit it is too early to jump to any conclusions. Still, they really need to get a top flight running back this class. Injuries, transfers, and position changes are unpredictable. Gibbs needs to put on a little weight but he looks like Dalvin Cook with those sick cuts. 

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Not concerned short term (meaning next year) but there is a big benefit to the new backs having the time to learn the system and get experience when the game is not in doubt. When you get a gap year in recruiting then you are going to have more inexperience being asked to step up.  Imagine if Teague did not have this year to get the experience he is getting and you were looking at he and Crowley being the featured backs next year.  He may have still done well but would prefer to not have to live that risk.

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With what we have coming back next year, we will be fine in 2020. If we strike-out this year, we have to get 2 guys in the next recruiting class but that is no reason to reach on someone this year.  Recruiting this year is far from over...we see the wheels fall off a couple of blue chip teams and we might be able to do some poaching.

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If we can get Gibbs, then we are in great shape.  After him we are looking at good but not great prospects.  I've been pleasantly surprised by the RB room this year.  Going into the year after Dobbins it was really an unknown and even Dobbins didn't have a great year last year.  Dobbins has been unbelievable!  Teague has been very good and Crowley has really flashed for a young back.  I don't know about Chambers yet.  Unfortunately it appears that Crowley suffered a serious knee injury.  After coming out of the medical tent he was visibly distraught.  My immediate thought was he tore something in his knee.  That means he would be out the rest of this year and could impact his ability for 2020.  If that's the case our depth after this year will be:  (1) Teague, (2) McCall (3) Chambers.

Teague could be very good but as another has already mentioned if he were to get injured i'd not be too confident w/ McCall and Chambers.  I think its imperative that we lock up at least 1 solid back in this class.  


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I trust Tony Alford when he says "we're going to be just fine."

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FWIW - Crowley said after the game he was fine...


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Crowley reminds me of Robert Smith when running. Smooth cuts and more of a long strider, but he’s fast. 

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The staff has shown they just need to find guys with certain traits, doesn't matter what their "star ranking" is, as long as they find the guy that has flashes of the traits they want they can coach him up and train him and turn him into a star.

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I think OSU is in trouble next year if they even have ONE major injury at RB. First of all, having 3 RB's is not enough....you need at least 4, and most teams have 5. Second, if Teague or Crowley get hurt, they might be in BAD shape. Third, I am still a bit nervous about Teague and Crowley sharing the load, but I do think they're capable and CAN do it, but the point remains they haven't yet.

Bottom line, I feel like OSU HAS to get an RB committed this class that can play next year. Gibbs would have been perfect but unfortunately it sounds like he'd rather stay at 2 win Georgia Tech since they're close to home than be the primary RB recruit for an elite national power. Sigh....


Yeah the team is doomed

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A "pair and a spare" is plenty, if those guys are all prepared to step in and play.