Real Pod Wednesdays: Ohio State is 8-0, Chase Young is a Heisman Candidate and College Football Playoff Rankings Are Coming Soon

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College sports would be better off to pay each person a stipend of 1000-1500 a month instead of selling their likeness.  It would be too easy to corrupt the other way imo.....


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Who gets the stipend, and who doesn't?  Does the 2nd-string defender on the women's soccer team for a D3 school get it?  If she does, where is that money coming from?  If she doesn't, it's a clear violation of Title IX.

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Everyone would have to get it. Therein lies the problem. Smaller schools that don't have the financial resources generated by OSU type of revenue from football would not be able to afford to pay all of the athletes

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chase young = stevie wonder 


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Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Uh. Uh. Uhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhhh. 

Dan: Please listen to your podcast at how many times you use this filler word. I really like the podcast, content and insights are great. However, it's almost unlistenable based on how many time you say "uh". Slow down and you will be a much better podcaster.