Watch Ryan Day, Justin Fields and Other Buckeyes Discuss Their 38-7 Win over Wisconsin

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I love Urban Meyer.  He took a program that JT had restored to great things and took it even further.  He is a genius motivator and game planner.  But Ryan Day so far, the way he utilizes personnel and seems to be putting everyone in the best position at the best time to make plays, the way he spreads the wealth and is building up depth, is really exceptional.  Was watching Teague run today and thinking back to how Urbz would lock in on Miller or Barrett as security blankets.   So far, when Day sees adversity, he goes big and utilizes not who he trusts the most but who is the best person to make a particular play. 

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

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Makes sense now after the interview, Olave a Wu Tang Killa, protect ya neck lol

“It does not matter the size of the man, rather the amount of effort the man is willing to put forth” - Woody

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I could listen to Coach Day and company all day long. 

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Lol Fields saying “we could have put up 50”, “we could have scored way more points”. I love the confidence. I’m pretty sure it’s true too. Unbelievable job by the coaching staff. 

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Arnette talking about they should've played a shut out.  This team is hyper focused - I love the humility and the the personal expectation from each player that they can get better.  This team is very special.

Number one, win the rivalry game. And number two, win every game after that.

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This is a special team.  Let’s just hope they don’t realize it until after the season.  Great win!

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