What Jacolbe Cowan’s Commitment Means for Ohio State’s 2020 Recruiting Class

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Interesting disparity in rankings on different sites, but if Larry Johnson pursued him then you know that he’s got a lot of potential. Go Bucks!

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If Cowan comes to Columbus ready to work with and learn with LJ, look out. He's very raw with fundamentals and position knowledge, but so athletic. If a 4-star can be a sleeper, I think Cowan is it. 

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Man this write up kinda felt like a wet blanket tbh. So he’s not really great at anything?

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Honestly the article said exactly what I was thinking after watching his tape. Not a bad player but not one I would expect to be the next impact guy. Slow get off and almost looks lazy at the start of plays. But then somehow his motor kicks on and he chases down the ball. He looks very strong and I think the Cornell comparison is fair though I would say Cornell was a little more impressive on his high school tape. 

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I read and follow recruiting every place I can and have posted on here many times that the experts have said from day 1 this is a weak year for def. lineman but Cowan by his ranking is one of the better ones so we did better than most schools for this cycle at DL. After further review though he is listed at 165 over all so what is the rest of the talent like then if he isn't a jump through the hoop type player at other positions.


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I appreciate an honest write-up.  I’m not one who is going to properly breakdown high school tape.  I wouldn’t have the depth of knowledge to do so.  But I am interested in potential strengths and weaknesses and always open to the idea that a commit could grow physically and mentally and also develop his skills.

I agree that this profile wasn’t flooded with the highest of praise.  But it doesn’t mean that Cowan is prohibited from becoming a great player if he works hard.  I’d much rather start things with an honest assessment rather than a puff piece declaring each recruit to be the greatest play ever.  If he manages to become a great player, then it’s even more sweet.

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Watch Jacolbe's interview with Birm and you'll see why Coach Johnson loves him.

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I was thinking the same thing. I know this is someone’s opinion, but it seems a little harsh. This is one of the most critical I’ve read, especially for a top 200 player.

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Welcome to the family, Jacolbe Cowan!

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Give it time cause this kid is gonna shine.

The off season bites !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Show up ready to contribute. Work daily to get stronger and improve with guidance. Many aren't a 2 year project. I hope you're goal is to improve each and every day. Great things are going to happen here. Contribute to that and be a strong positive difference maker. The sky is the limit.

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Not every one can come in and play day one. Just look at a kid like davon Hamilton. Basically no playing time and now as a senior he has had as big of an impact on the defensive improvement as anyone.

Larry Johnson will work his magic like he always does. When was the last time we had a truly disappointing dlineman.

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Welcome to the Buckeyes, Jacolbe!! As another famous athlete raised in N.C. once said, “The ceiling is the roof!” Prove them wrong!! BOOM!!!!!

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His athleticism will blossom into something special here. Welcome Jacolbe.

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Very nice write-up. I believe Jacolbe Cowan is going to be a workhorse contributor after a year or two of development, and he'll be ready to hear his name on day 3 or 4 of the NLF draft when his turn comes. 

"Ryan Day is our Baby Yoda. We must protect him with our lives." ~ D. J. Byrnes

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Just curious, is Providence Day closely related to Coach Day?

If so, no wonder he chose OSU!!

Apologies, it's really early.

Go Bucks!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Shhhh! Can you hear that? It's the soft pitter patter of a thousand tears falling somewhere north of Toledo. Welcome to the Buckeyes Mr. Cowan! Oh...and here's a little something for TTUN...

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Enjoying daily the back to back ttun beatdowns.


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Fits the bill of the kind of hybrid DE/DT 6’5” guys were recruiting. Kind of a blend of Tyquan Lewis, Tyler Friday, and Jason Cornell.  Will mostly play 3-Tech, I think but may swing outside against power run teams.  
Welcome aboard! O-H!

You win with people. 

And so forth...

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I’m actually going to see my girlfriends alma matter play next Friday. Had no idea they’d be playing Providence Day. Scouting time!

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Brah looks like he’s built like Greg Hardy.

lets hope for a better human.

almost looks similar to Nic P-F


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I’ll throw something at the ‘puter if I someone gushing over another “versatile” DT. We don’t need another DT in a DE’s body. Let Cowan be the next great DE and let’s find a wide-bodied runstuffing DT. I’d take a Christian Wilkinson over a D’remont Jones at DT anyday.