Real Pod Wednesdays: Ohio State's Dominant Start Makes It Tough to Find Any Weaknesses on the Buckeyes

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Lets just hope none of this well deserved hype goes to the teams head. Go Bucks!

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I was thinking the same thing, Btown.   I haven't seen this many superlatives during a week of Buckeye football since 2006. 


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Fields needs to smile more and have more fun.

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I don't get the sense that will happen with this team. This group of players are playing hungry and disciplined, giving me the vibe I got from Darron Lee, but spread across the entire team. Its giving me the feeling we won't even have a complacent game like Purdue or Iowa in past seasons. 

“Megadeth >>> Metallica” - Alum 2019. I couldn’t agree more.

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Day will keep the players focus. Keep your head down and steam ahead at the next game. One game at a time and the season will be a fond memory. Turn your head and look back and the guy in front of you will slap you silly. STAY FOCUS gents.


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We haven't seen many weaknesses so far, but I also feel the good guys have bigger tests imminent.

I'm not shying away from this, that's B1G conference play in October and November (and early December, if we're counting).

I want to see this team face some in-game adversity, see Fields have to carry (pass) the team, the defense come through big in big high pressure moments.

Going to have to face and overcome these moments, as that's football, and as they could vault this team to great things.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

There are times where the worst thing that can be spread is misinformation

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I'd rather see this team out in front, with a good rear view mirror. 

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I haven't seen any weaknesses so far.  There were so many question marks that were in need of answers in preseason.  Seems, all those questions have been answered.  Actually, adversity is often a product of one's own doing.  How about charting the waters, week by week and finish the season without does happen. 

This team is impressing all observers, both friend and foe, with the quality and level of play, irregardless of position, in all aspects of the game.  All credit must go to all the position coaches, including strength & conditioning coach Mick Marotti and finally head coach Ryan Day and for that, I give you an 'A'.  (Marotti just received a significant pay raise and contract today and is now the 2nd highest paid S&C coach in the nation....well deserved and we are so blessed)

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Just maintain the hate, boys. They still have that ugly M-word on their jerseys. Attack that. I want 50+

" Successful people are very lucky. Just ask every failure."
~ Urban Meyer

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"we're not talking about pay for play" -- but aren't we?  What keeps schools from paying an athlete $50K for their first collegiate signature, for example?  I think you guys are underestimating the effect of this...

A gentle reminder to BE NICE. Plays guitar and makes iced tea in the winter.

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 Ncaa already has a police force monitoring schools who channel money. Sanctions already exist and bag men already exist too  

On the flip side certain schools already sue anyone using red or gray or block o or whatever. Making crazy $$$ off of licensing alone. Then add tv and tix and revenue is off the charts.  Endorsement money costs universities nothing.  But it could cut into what Nike spends on nfl stars.  So I’m just not scared of this  I really think it will give college stars incentive to stay in college.  Also will maybe stop the 1 and done in college hoops  

Now that said , the rich Will get richer. No doubt. This will hurt Cinci more than OSU imo. 

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Hard to find weakness against lesser competitions. Scarred by the past so I'll take one game at a time.

  • Will bonehead penalties rear its ugly head?
  • No punt/kickoff return to the house.
  • Can the defense handle trick plays? Seems like they are not coached for it
  • Can this defense stop 3rd/4th and 1?
  • Front 4 seems to be going for sacks than jump and pat down a pass.
  • Can Isiah Prince not have a false start? /s

Love what Day has done with this team and looking forward to an unstoppable team for the Penn State game.


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  • Fields taking unnecessary sacks for loss


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Nice.  He def needs to understand that 20 seconds in the pocket isn’t realistic. Lol

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I'd really like to know the details on the "40+ points for four games since WW1" quote.

God bless and go Bucks.

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What I have seen is a HC that understands every Saturday is an audition for the playoffs.Exactly why this team isn’t giving up multiple garbage time td’s vs these lesser opponents. Meyer shut down the offense way too early for me. If anyone on the committee that says otherwise is just lying.Day is going for the jugular every game which would have got us in last year had we been more successful in the blowouts. This staff isn’t waiting for multiple td’s before making their adjustments like years past the staff waited for half time. Meanwhile in the 2nd qtr our weaknesses were exposed over and over. A lot easier leaving a team out with only one signature win 62-39. In that game the last two td’s wouldn’t happen, 62-25 sounds a lot better. Take away the kick off fumble and maybe we hold them to 17 with that bad offense. A year later, we’ll be facing the same if not worse offense, will we ever get the 2 point conversion vs ttun that I’ve been praying for 7/years lol