Chris Ash Fired As Rutgers Head Coach Following 52-0 Loss to Michigan

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I never understood why Ash took this job. Rutgers being in the B1G East is a program with NO CHANCE to compete. He chose poorly, and it hurt his career... but he made himself independently wealthy in the process, so did he really lose? 

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A Big Ten championship was never in the cards, nor was there a possibility of even getting a winning B1G East record, but man, I gotta say even I expected better results from him at Rutgers. 

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I think I remember reading that Urban recommended he take the job, partly because of the fertile recruiting ground.  

Guess losing big to a team as bad as Michigan was the last straw.

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Urban always said 2 things 1) Has the program won before and 2) is it in a good recruiting area?  Black and white, that’s fine. But take i5 a step deeper 1) that was when they were in the Big East. 2) Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn St get all your recruits and add 3) you have compete with the 3 teams in 2 plus Michigan St every year. Yep, some of these guys are in way too big a hurry to take a head job. No way I take a bottom program in the SEC West or the B10 East. 

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The constant shuffling not only of offensive coordinators but of philosophies was quite problematic and makes me think Ash doesn't understand both sides of the ball enough to be an effective HC.

Sure, should take everything with a grain of salt, but face it, this is setting up perfectly for Schiano's return.

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I’m starting to think you can’t get good players at Rutgers...

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What are the chances Schiano returns?

EDIT: Oh, DUH! just saw the other thread. Nothing to see here...

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I wonder what his next move will be, I certainly hope it's not "special consultant" at Alabama.

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Schiano going back?

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Day needs to pull him in as a defensive analyst in case we lose some defensive staff at the end of the year.  If our defense continues looking this good, some teams will come calling after the season looking for defensive coordinator s.

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Tough break for Ash - he's a good man - I wish him the best

The off season bites !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Nick's picture says Rutgers owes him 8+ million dollars, so I'm sure he will be fine.

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We got a really good grad transfer from Rutgers.

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This is not surprising. Rutgers is a dumpster fire and Ash might have turned it around with more time, but time is money in college football these days. He is a good coach but his players are being taken by several other Universities. 


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Honestly surprised this took so long. They arguably got worst under him and certainly not better. I’ve only recently discovered (from this forum) Rutgers has yet to receive their cut of pay the from conference but even still their performance was below the already low expectations anyone had for them 

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I understand the challenges Rutgers has, but one would think a good coach could get them to at least Indiana's level. A great coach would have them at MSU level -- maybe Rutgers doesn't get the top talent, but NJ and the east coast have enough talent left over to field a decent team.

If you can't get a field goal against one of the worst Michigan defenses in recent years, it's probably time to move on.

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Rutgers.  Where good coaches go to die.

Hang in the coach Ash.  more opportunities are awaiting you.


15-1 is SWEET!

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Are we all just going to ignore the most New Jersey thing ever........interim head Nunzio Campanile?

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Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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I too always thought RU is a football diamond in the rough with right coach that could keep instate recruits in and build a history of winning.

So here's the "+" about Rutgers: 

1) Only FBS school in its state

2) NJ is a top 10 HS football state.   

3) NYC Media Market

4) Strong Academics

5) B10.  Keep in mind RU is strong in many of its other 26 D1 B10 sports. 

Now the '-' about Rutgers: 

1) No football history of success

2) Facilities arent on par with rest of conference

3) Lack of respect towards football from fans, admin and alumni

4) NJ in general is geographically small, so kids want to go away for college and dont stay home. 


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They will hire Schiano and consequently be able to crush the woeful Tennessee Volunteers, should the programs ever meet.

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Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust . . .

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My old boss is this dude doppelganger lol. Used to tease him about it all the time

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OSU grad born and raised in NJ here, if anyone can turn that program around it's Nunzio Campanile. Paramus Catholic, Bergen Catholic, and Don Bosco are among the best high school programs in the country and Campanile has deep ties with each of them. If he manages to win a few games this year and is given the chance to recruit as a HC, Rutgers could become a real Big Ten program very soon. 

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Hate to see Chris Ash let go, and hate to see a B1G school (other than TTUN) struggle that much. Hopefully he lands on his feet somewhere, I don't believe he is incompetent (incompitent???) Plus as a former Buckeye nothing but respect for the guy. Would love to see Rutgers beat UM again in the near future.

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How bout Coach Fick and those bears cats.....

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Who in their right mind would take that job? Wait. He's getting paid $8 mil. for that gig? 

Never mind. 

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