The Hurry Up: Ohio State's Dominant Rushing Performance Has 2021 Commit Ben Christman Fired Up, Buckeyes Hope to Flip Oklahoma Commit Ryan Watts

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So excited to have The Hurry Up back! Thank you Zack!

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We're excited to have him too.

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Since y'all have some silly-ass thing against upvoting Staff...

"It's always scotch-thirty on my island."

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Here, here! Welcome aboard and thanks bringing back the Hurry Up! Great start the past two nights!

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I’m very curious to see how the 2020 RB situation plays out, as I’m sure others are. Hope we land Bradford but I’m sure the staff will get a good one. 

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Because I can’t recall the last time the Buckeyes recruited a bad running back. 

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Lydell Ross and Maurice Wells say hello...

OSUCOM 2008 Graduate. Go Bucks!

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So you had to go back 15 and 11 years respectively for that. I'm ok with that.

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Not everyone pans out but they were very good high school backs. To repeat I can't recall us ever not having some one here that couldn't carry the rock. Kelvin Lindsey was All Ohio in the 70's I believe from Sandusky and never did much but mop up duty.


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Yea I can’t recall that because I haven’t been a Buckeye fan for that long haha. If you have to back that far I’m good...

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Fantastic Hurry Up, Colin! I love the commit profile idea. Can't wait to read more of your stuff to come

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You do mean Zack, correct?

Ohio State > *ichigan
Urban > Hairbaugh

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Fleming is going to be a world-beater in this system. Can’t wait to watch him flourish. 

"Man I wish everyone stop saying I beat a kid in the hospital 91-35.... It was 98-35, had 91 with 1:26 left in the 4th"
- Cardale Jones

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Five-star wideout Julian Fleming will hit campus next summer spring (Actually January, I believe, as an early enrollee). 


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Keep them coming....keep them coming....mercy, we have it going on. 

TG Proud Buckeye alumnus.

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'Hello' M.T.3.

"I think Alabama would beat Ohio State if they played next weekend!" Clay Travis Fox Sports Post Championship Show 1.12.2015.  Needs no explanation.

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Teague will be the guy for the next two years, and with Crowley and Chambers behind him, I don't see a major need for a top tier tailback for 2020. Of course, one'd be nice, but not worth jumping off a building if OSU can't land a 5*. Focus on a big name for 2021.

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster...

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Pair and a spare is most true at RB. I would expect Buckeyes to push hard. They won't settle.

Maybe tomorrow, when today will be yesterday things will be clearer.


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 GO BUCKS!!  GO O-Line.

"The most important statistic, is the number of wins in a season".........Woody Hayes

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No. After the Zach Smith fiasco, we don't need any DV issues.  And this is about the GIF, not the recruit!

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I feel like Jon Runyan Jr & Ben Christman could be brothers

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I don't think they look similar at all.  But if they are brothers, then mother nature took all of the intelligence genes from Jon and gave them to Ben.  Did they shorten Jon's name because he couldn't remember there is an 'H' in John?  He looks like he always rode the short bus to school.   He's probably used to wearing a helmet as he was required to wear one as a child in order to protect his few remaining brain cells.  Maybe it's just too close to j O-H n, as in O-H, I-O?  Do you think that *ichigan could send him to a class to learn how to comb his hair?  They should have at least one of those courses in the General Studies major that *ichigan is so famous for!  What's the color code on his sweatshirt mean?  Is blue-yellow-blue the color version of an S-O-S signal?  You know, the international code for extreme distress. 

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Gee Scott also had himself a night on Friday; 209 yds on 8 catches, and 2 TDs against high-level competition.  One long catch on the sideline was bigtime.  IIRC, he is also planning to start in January.  Our WR room is going to be insane next year.

Side note; the other team, Pinnacle (AZ), is quarterbacked by a scUM commit (good arm/a little erratic) and plays Jack Miller's team later in the season. 

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