The Hurry Up: Ohio State Extends Flurry of Offers to 2021 Recruits

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A goddang Hurry Up!!!

Welcome to the beat, Zack. Nice work.

And as an aside, if I ever go into witness protection, I'm changing my name to Ga’Quincy McKinstry.

Coolest. Name. Ever.

"It's always scotch-thirty on my island."

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Welcome Zack.

What Paris did to that little feller ought to be called assault!  LOL...can't wait to see him in Scarlet ad Gray

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Paris Johnson pancaked the guy, then rolled over him. Does that make it a crêpe? Stromboli maybe?

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Flat pancake.

I don't give a damn for the whole state of Xichigan.

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Great write up! Looking forward to many more of these to come...i know you mentioned that basketball is more your style, and dream...perhaps you will have the opportunity to get some action on both ends.

Looking forward to following this more, as you become better acquainted with the prospects!


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Can we please just get a Boom for a top RB for the 2020 class? Why can we not get RB's to come here the past few years?


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Teague sucks 

Dobbins sucks 

Let’s just shut the program down.....NOW!

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Ouch. DoubleD's been cut down to a C cup.

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And this message had me log-in to upvote. 

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Welcome! And thanks for the nice write up. Will be interesting to see how recruiting picks up during the course of the season. 

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The Hurry Up lives! Welcome Zack

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The Hurry Up is back!  Thanks and welcome to the site Zack.  Go Bucks!

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Welcome Zack, looking forward to lots of Hurry Up's and lots of booms. 

PJ outweighs that defender by 100 pounds easy, but still, that guy is a monster.   He's already physically a college O-lineman , within a year or two he will be NFL ready physically. 

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Yes!!   This Hurry Up is like a Boom.  Chock full of great info.  Thank you Zach.  

Fields of Dreams


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Thank you for getting the hurry up going again!! Welcome aboard and I look forward to your insight! Go Buckeyes!!

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Hurry up? I feel like dancing, dancing, dancing...

Thank you Zack!

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Weeeell.... what have we here?!

Dat’s what we talkin’ bout!  That’s a fact, Zack!!

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Wow you hit the ground running! Great job Zack. Looking forward to these

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Nice job, nice read...keep your recruiting nose to the McGrind stone and I am sure you will have a great career.

Justice delayed is justice denied....#FTP

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Many more years of kicking Shitigans ass. Delicious.

Fuck eSECpn and fuck Mythigan.

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Kaytron and Ketron

All Trons must commit to Ohio State

A man got to have a code...

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Perhaps the biggest offer was extended to 2021 five-star cornerback Ga’Quincy McKinstry, the nation’s No. 2 corner out of Pinson Valley (Ala.) High School who will have his choice of what program he wants to join. [...] Though Auburn is projected to be his ultimate destination, the Buckeyes will do their best to persuade the two-time All-American away from the Yellowhammer State. 

McKinstry's high school coach is former Auburn QB Patrick Nix, whose son, Bo Nix, is Auburn's starting QB.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

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Wait. Our new Hurry Up guy plays guard for scUM?

It's a beautiful day in Columbus, Ohio... and TTUN still sucks.

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Hi Zack. Welcome and good luck with the new gig.

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Great article, but why does it take Dayand staff so long to make offers to some of the best ranked at their positions? 

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Zack, great job on your first Hurry Up!

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Welcome to the boards and good job on The Hurry Up! Been a minute since I've seen one of these. Curious if there was anything meant by Ga'Quincy's "O"mittence  of the letter "O" in offer and Ohio?

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I feel like my lost dog has come home. Glad to see the Hurry Up is back.
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Welcome bZack, Hurry Up!

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Yay Hurry Up! Thanks Zack!

You Got Barbecue Back There!?!?!?!