Film Study: Ohio State's Revamped Running Game Looked Dominant Against Indiana, Thanks to the Play of Its Offensive Line

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The Slobs playing mean and nasty!! I love it!!

Just posting and hoping my comment isn’t deleted. 

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Teague is settling in nicely as the heir apparent. Both backs are hitting the holes hard. Both the offense and defense are playing well. The biggest thing I've noticed is the lack of penalties. They are playing disciplined ball, for the most part.

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Am I the only one who thinks of this guy when Gus Johnson says Master Teague?

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Wow Kyle! You continue to impress. Thanks for this!

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The Slobs are back!  I've been very impressed with them thus far.  

Fields of Dreams


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I get the appeal of the RPO, it can create massive gaps in the defense, but I've personally never been a huge fan of it. It's so tough for the linemen to properly block. They don't know whether it's a handoff or a pass because their backs are turned to the QB, and seemed to get stuck in no man's land. Seems that Day and Wilson realized this and have made another beneficial adjustment. A lot of us were wondering if OSU was going to turn into a Big 12 team, throwing it 50+ times per game. Credit to the coaching staff.

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i was very encouraged to see fields lining up UNDER CENTER on quite a few plays - and i think this helped the run game.


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If I understand it correctly, linemen should always block run in an RPO. There really shouldn’t be any confusion about that

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Unfortunately, if one goes to block a LB, the lineman becomes an ineligible receiver downfield if he goes over a few yards. 

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I think they are a mixture of multiple offensive philosophies - whatever the case, I like that our players can play NFL concepts.  This will help transition to the next level.

Number one, win the rivalry game. And number two, win every game after that.

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The best offensive systems adapt and evolve to what's working at the collegiate or professional level.

Fortunately Harbaugh's still about 30 years behind.

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Kyle knocks it out of the park again with just the right level of detail.  Feel like we should have to pay for this stuff but it is why 11W is tops.

This o-line has a chance to be special this year and maybe even more so going forward.

You've got barbecue back there?

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Feel free to become a 12th Warrior. Still an incredible deal for such high quality content. 

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Some of us do pay forward to help make it possible

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To be clear here, in no way was I trying to be a jerk. Just recognizing the quality of content. Full disclosure, I lurked on this board for a few years before my guilt caught up with me resulting in my becoming a 12th Warrior. Still a bargain. Not only is the content high quality but the interface and website design are top shelf. I have yet to see one better. 

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I loved what Urban said. "You have to account for the Quarterback". Even though he only ran it 4 times. If OSU continues to run it like this, without Fields keeping out. Teams are going to have to sell out on Dobbins/Teague. 

The best part about this offense is this. I'd feel comfortable throwing it 40 times in a game. And I'd feel comfortable throwing it 20 times in a game. So many weapons everywhere. I really don't know how you game plan this team. My guess is teams are going to continue to sell out and blitz more and more. But that can be a deadly proposition with someone like Fields. 

Elliott dots the eye, on this national championship win. 

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I'd feel comfortable throwing it 40 times in a game. And I'd feel comfortable throwing it 20 times in a game.

Jim Bollman wants to know how you feel about throwing it 4 times?

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Man...I can read articles like this all day!! Love the analytic side of football. 

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100% -- it's the only thing that keeps me coming back to 11w anymore

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Great article!  Love what I’m seeing so far.  Let’s see how we adjust when we hit some bumps.

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Thank you for the breakdown Kyle.

I feel that this style of offense can better address poor weather condition games that we typically see in the latter part of the season. If you looks at the loses over the past few years, weather was a contributing factor. Also, I love seeing Fields under center for both zone blocking runs and play-action. It gives the opposing team one more thing to prepare for.  Plus, I really think it helps with recruiting QBs since it is still prevalent in the NFL.

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It's great that Day is addressing the run without requiring Fields to be a decoy on every play. We can now use Fields' running ability as a changeup to really take the air out of opposing defenses.

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Great stuff as usual, Kyle.  Our coaches are definitely making it more difficult for opposing defensive staffs to coach to tendencies with this offense. 

I realize it's old, worn out coach speak - but it's true.  It all truly does begin with the offensive line.  Considering there are four new starters (even though Jackson, Bowen and Davis have more experience than your average "new" starter), they are playing extremely well.  Of course, the real tests will come when they play much better defensive fronts as the season progresses - but so far, so good. 

I'm very impressed by Coach Day and his staff's ability to install multiple concepts - especially, at the college level.  Practice time is so limited compared to the NFL - that's generally why you don't see this kind of thing succeeding so much in college ball, in my opinion. Simpler schemes traditionally being the safer way to go for the most part.  

When your "offensive identity" is that you can beat your opponent in a variety of ways (not just run vs pass - but within the running game and within the passing game), no matter what they do - that's a winner in my book -

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Love this...both the breakdown and the subject.

Must've stared at that mid-zone clip for a good couple of minutes - Slobs are full go off the snap, in unison on their assignments, and in full control when engaged from start to finish. Great snapshot as to how this team remains offensive line driven - the balance of the attack and the results so far definitely show the power of this group.

Battles are a-coming, but this offense looks built to thrive down the stretch.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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To see Myers blocking a safety is awesome. Too bad KJ didn't get a better block, but then, that's easier said than done.

I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late.

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So much of what I've seen offensively this year isn't that complex. Like most great offensive schemes, you get multiple plays from a single "look", by choosing different options. Not hard for the offense to block or execute if it's off a single look. We can beat most of our opponents with 3-5 plays/concepts if we execute them properly. Each play has inside and outside run option and short or long pass options. Throw in a couple of "one off" plays not previously seen and we win going away. When the tougher teams come along, we've developed and repeated 10-15 concepts with 40/60 plays plus some trickerations. We are golden. 


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I really enjoy how the game plans are evolving. Day and the offensive staff have been great so far figuring out how to attack defenses. The scary thing, for other teams anyhow, is this offense isn't hitting on all cylinders just yet. They can use the TE, spread you out, or run it down your throat.

Go Bucks!

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Through game three at least - I believe that this team can beat anyone in CFB.

Number one, win the rivalry game. And number two, win every game after that.

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Excellent article.  Love seeing progression of the Oline, but let's be's Indiana.  But the direction is good, keep it rolling Buckeyes. I'm tempering my excitement on the potential i see. ;) 

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We haven’t shown much RPO yet and obviously this is an ace card Day can pull out in January. 

Love this. 

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Unfair how well those big boys can run

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Almost every year the Buckeyes go as far as the Slobs take them.

O-linemen are the most unappreciated players in football.

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On the very next snap after backup running back Master Teague bounced a mid-zone run outside to pick up a first down, Day called for a play-action pass with only two routes downfield (a deep post/dig combo) while the back and both tight ends stayed in to protect.

Kyle, did the PA pass come out of a pro set whereas the mid-zone run by Teague looked like the usual spread set?  Is that just Day camouflaging both plays for one to look like a run and the other, a pass?

Also, what was Teague doing with his blocking assignment on that play?  Instead of waiting for the defender, he looked like he was chasing him down to block him.  Lol. 

Buckeye Forever!

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It was the same, 2TE set with the 2nd TE in a wing alignment that’s shown in the PA clip. Fields under center in both. Only difference was the TEs were flipped toward the boundary on the play prior, and they ran that direction behind them.

As for Teague, he still looks a bit raw in pass pro, unlike Dobbins who seems very comfortable in these scenarios.

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Oops.  Sorry Kyle.  I mistook your gif clip of Master Teague running left as the play you were referencing.   Apparently, the play you actually referenced was not the one with a gif. 

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Day's quotes make me believe that he is becoming more confident about this Off. game by game. That makes me a lot more confidant we'll be ready for the B10 and beyond. This is gonna get fun!

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Couldn’t hurt recruiting


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The offense is developing very nicely. It will be exciting to see where everything goes as the season progresses.

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Great to see some of these plays with more context than "did it work??

This shows me just how much we controlled that game against Indiana Saturday. Yes we have the massive talent edge up front, and yes we have the skill players to pull off some great plays. But to me, it's the coaching and play calling that is going to catapult us back into the playoffs this year. Ryan Day is absolutely phenomenal, and I feel like his playbook for each game will be spot on, and if the other team happens to be ready for it or adjusts, Ryan Day will have the right answer to respond to it ready to go.

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Outstanding content, thank you, Kyle! 

We have many ways to beat opponents which is a great a feeling to have.


Kyle has the gift of making us all feel smarter in football. Thanks Kyle!

I loved that we went from power spread as a buzzword to we are like Sean McVay and his hot offense in the pros... like what recruit wouldn't want to be part of that???

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Watching Teague play definitely alleviates some of the stress regarding RB recruiting this year.  If nothing else, he should give the staff comfort in knowing they should be just fine next year, no matter how things shake out in the 2020 class.  Because RB is the most likely position to make a huge impact Freshman year, they can go hard next year if they aren't enamored with the remaining backs this year.  

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So far it seems Day is managing not only star players, but also  big time assistant coaches. This is an area he can improve over the amazing Urban Meyer era. Time will tell if he can keep these evil genius coaches on the same page and on the OSU payroll. 

The 5-10 year outlook is very bright

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Where are all the people (fans) that said Coach Stud should be fired. His offensive lines won’t be any good as long as he’s here.  They look pretty good to me. 

Go Bucks

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Gotta say I’ve questioned him but never called for his head.  Last year No running game(but world class pass blocking), far too many penalties,  and before that a few gaps in recruiting. But nothing horrible. 

Then this year our one standout qb took too many hits and pressures v fau. But he’s really shown some improvement in both penalties and running (to the left ). 

The question is, could someone else do better earlier in the season with the insane talent that’s been brought in. 

So The iu game was the best complete pass and run blocking performance by the o line in quite some time.  I maintain that coach Stud is good , maybe very good. But he’s never been pursued by other programs to my knowledge.   Elite Guys like LJ, Day and Hartline make immediate distinguished impacts that are spoken about nationally. So far Stud hasn’t quite  had that same level of acclaim. This could be his year. Fingers crossed.  

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Stud is a very tough one to evaluate. I admit I have questioned his being in the role while never directly calling for his head but then other times I’ve been impressed with him.

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Mahalo, Kyle.  It's the O-line for sure.  And frankly I don't like the pro-style running attacks, so mahalo for your explanations.

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Jackson (#73) during the run left with Master was somewhat eye opening..for the Indy D lineman anyway.. he came off the line head down with no hands or awareness to where the ball was and got turned play side (lineman Jackson easy butt to ball) .. That was embarrassing and I'm not sure what to think about it for the Indy player there ??

amyway GO BUCKS!