Ohio State's Offense is Living Up to a Recruiting Promise to an Elite Tight End Prospect

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Excuse me if I feel equally promised this development.

New Day for OSU. Same noon for TTUN.

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They have two good ones

Hell, we got more than 2. Berry - what an athlete in that frame. I was hoping he’d get the ball more last season. Just a freak. But JR...looks like someone typed in TE and he popped out. Have to utilize this young man. 

Once again, just not enough footballs to go around. 

“For me, this is who we are. We have a culture. We work at it very hard. And we’re efficient at it.” - Coach Day

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Once again, just not enough footballs to go around.

This is the problem.  Until they get to the playoffs consistently, I don't know that the top rated players are going to consider coming here if their position group isn't featured the season before.  Concentrate on throwing too much, RBs will go elsewhere.  Run too consistently, WRs (TEs) won't want to come as decoys/blockers.

I know Ohio State attracts top level talent, but it seems like there's a really fine line to walk, particularly these days, to keep everyone happy/position groups continuing to roll in to Columbus.

That said, isn't that a helluva problem to have?  Too many good guys to be able to get ALL the good guys.  I kinda love it!

Let's go Bucks!

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It definitely didn’t seem coincidental. Time will tell.

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When I saw the first pass to Ruckert, I was confused. I had never seen a play like that before from the good guys. I wasn’t even sure it was legal. After he caught his second touchdown I had to pull out the rule book to make sure. It’s good to finally see the tight ends used. I think it just adds one more threat to an already lethal offense. Imagine the D coordinators trying to game plan for the Buckeyes after this game. I hope this trend continues. Go Bucks! 

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Nice block by Master Teague.  Took out 2 defenders


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I love what I saw from Teague Saturday, and that was coming off of injuries in the spring and fall camp.

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Hell yes it was. I dont know why he isn't starting.

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He does not know where to line up in the formation.  That is a limiting factor.  I hope he learns the playbook quickly.

Our people are everywhere, Esto Dignus.

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I love what I saw Saturday, hope to see it consistently throughout the season...

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They surely made the same promises to Ruckert and with the transfer portal being so easily accessible it’s time to put up or shut up. 

But really it just makes sense. If you have the talent to add another option to your offense you’d be a fool not to. More options = more for the opponent to have to prepare for, more opportunities for missed assignment, more scoring options.  Plus it fits Days desire for the more pro-style offense. 

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The last true TE game changer that I can remember at OSU was Ricky Dudley 25 years ago, or so. Planning an offense around a TE is highly unusual unless we're talking Gronk or Tony Gonzalez-level of talent. Heck, even NO traded Graham, and he promptly disappeared. A kid would have to be an absolute uber stud player to demand that type of involvement in today's CFB. Too many other positions of greater value, IMHO.
But yeah, it was nice to see the TE's more involved on Sat, I guess. Don't really care who scores the TD's, only that the Bucks have more than the opponent.

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The running game, other than Fields run, looked about the same as last year. Is it the offensive line, Dobbins, or both? If the offensive line graded out as champions and Dobbins did not, does that mean its Dobbins? Small sample size,so I guess we'll see against Cinci. Need to see 125+ at of Dobbins at least.

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It was for a few reasons. 1) With the game in hand, Fields gave instead of keeping on about 10-15 plays because we didn't want to risk injury. Watch the 2nd and 3rd quarter's, there were a dozen plays where the field in front of him was wide open and he still gave the ball to Dobbins. Because of that, Dobbins added a few carries of 0-3 yards hurting his YPC. 2) Dobbins was very explosive on plays where Fields made the correct read (keeping or giving) in the 1st quarter. He didn't break one loose, but he was churning up 8-12 yards on each carry. 3) He didn't crack 125+ because he was pulled early on by Teague. 

I thought the line played great. They didn't have any film on the new D being used by FAU, so there were a lot of different looks throw at them, and for the most part they created good holes and pass protected well. Remember that we are breaking in 4 new starters, and a Soph. QB. Most teams that do that are sitting at 5-7 by years end.

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IMO, the TEs are being utilized the same as they always have the past few years-which isn’t a bad thing. Ruckert had 4 catches for 39 yards and that was it for the group against FAU. I’m glad he cashed in in the RZ twice, but the 11W staff should not get hyperbolic w hottakes on the position. Nothing much has changed schematically.

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Passing to the tight ends in the red zone from a power formation doesnt seem like something we have done much of lately. They may not have had 100+yds or 10 catches, but that was more production than we have been used to lately.

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The reception numbers might have been comparable to what we've seen in the past, but the snap counts and scheme was not. They went under center in 13 personnel multiple times and ran a third of their offense out of 12 personnel. That's a drastic schematic change.