Inside the Box: Fields' Debut, Dobbins Struggles, Jashon Cornell Steps Up, and the Secondary is Back

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Unlike many others, I am not worried about the defense and the passes they gave up in the second half.  They played great in the first half.  Coaches admitted playing a soft zone because that is all they needed to do to win and didn’t want to put anything on film when they did not need to.  Dobbins is a curious case.  Seems like shoestring tackles always get him.  Hoping for a big week against Cincinnati.

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Excellent reasoning!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Agree! The sky is not falling!

I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late.

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Is anyone concerned that JK couldnt even crack 100 yards against FAU? I really want him to have a monster year so bad.

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He got close and I really thought he did get the 100.  Had he been left in, he could have gone over, but I think it was important to Teague and Crowley their snaps. I've got all the confidence in the world that he'll have a monster season.

I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late.

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Yes, we all are hoping for a monster year out of JK, but the more I see of Teague, the more carries I want him to have. Not to the point where Dobbins is not the featured back in the Offense, but I'd like to see Teague get close to ten carries a game. He could be something special, and while JK can be a dangerous back, I question if he is good enough to take carries away from other, arguably good RBs. 

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Nothing concerning about it. It's FAU, don't need to wear your starting RB down.

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Hoping the Buckeyes D plays better than Fickell's UC D this week.

And that the OSU O plays better than they did for the last 3.5 quarters.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Should have a much better insight on just how good this team is after this Saturday's game. No doubt we win of we play to our potential, but as the last few seasons have shown, that's not always a given with this team.

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Dobbins has got to relax and follow his blocks. He’s forcing it and it’s killing his vision. Let it come to you big dog


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Watched him lose his patience, leave his blockers and cut back into traffic a few times. He needs to stay cool and follow that big ole butt in front of him to daylight. 

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The Oline is still gelling. The Oline missed quite a few blocks in the zone blocking scheme. It's not for lack of talent, more so from lack of experience together. I'm not worried about Dobbins, I'm betting the Oline will watch the film and see their mistakes and be ready for UC

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I made particular attention to the O-line in Kyle's video analysis of Justin Fields.  I was surpirsed that the right side of the O-line blocked well.  Maybe that's because Kyle showed only successful plays.

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As a whole thee line blocked fairly well. The mistakes were definitely more communication based. When we were mixing up the playcalling, and Fields was keeping the ball, the offense went up 28-0. After that, Fields rarely kept it, even though there were huge lanes open. 

I think what we saw after 28-0 was Day trying to keep everything in-house. The D went full on vanilla, more preserving than aggressive, and the O was in run out the clock mode. He knows there is no film out there on the new offense and defense, so why put film out there for UC, and the B1G to get to use. 

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Dobbins-Not worried about him and need to get Master T the ball.

I am more concerned about the o-line play. Either they let up or we got outcoached by the FAU after the first quarter.

Pump the brakes on the improved play of the secondary . Still early and need to see it against better competition. I hope we see the difference when we play UC this week and down the road.

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I'm the complete opposite. I have more confidence in the secondary than the oline and run game. 

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Solid first game outing, there's still a ton of work to do.

Keep pushing.

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