Columbus Clippers Offering Free Tickets + Dime-a-Dog to All Their First Round Playoff Games

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Holy shit, just picked up 4 tickets for Friday for free- thanks Tbdbitlbuck!

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It's an outstanding deal. Even if you're driving to the park and want some brewskies, bringing $26 will get you parking + 2 beers and 10 hot dogs lolol

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dime a dog night . . .  I killed those in the 80's 

I remember standing in line to have Lou Forrest autograph my glove...  I didn't know who he was, but everyone else was in line so I did too. I was disappointed to find out he wasn't a ball player

Life long fan of... The!

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Great deal. Got mine. Clippers playoff game that Friday night followed up by the Bucks-Bearcats Saturday. Makes for a fun weekend!!

If you’re lucky enough to be a Buckeye you’re lucky enough. 

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Boom. Done. Thanks for the heads up.