Redskins Announce Dwayne Haskins Will Open Career As Case Keenum's Backup

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This is a very good development for his development.

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Exactly. Did you see some of the hits he was taking preseason? Better to sit for a year and learn the offense.

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The only problem is he won't sit. Keenum will either suck or get hurt (or both) and Haskins will probably be starter by like week four.

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Yep. The redskins line is a dumpster fire. Gruden will have to play him to try to save his job, which won’t work because the line will still be awful. 

Hopefully they get a coach next year that will let Haskins’ talent shine. 

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Redskins have what's likely the worst blindside protection on that oline.

This is better for the Train in the long run.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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IMO, Cardale has looked better than Dwayne this preseason.  It shows that easing into the league instead of drinking from the fire hose from day one isn’t always a bad sign.

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Watching the Oregon/OSU game right now. Cardale was so much better than Mariota then and needs to get a shot eventually. Rivers is number one obviously, but he's so much better than Tyrod Taylor for back up in SD.

"Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul" Woody Hayes

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Agree. Cardale earned another season in the NFL this pre-season. Not sure if it'll be the Chargers, but somewhere.

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Indianapolis has an opening on their depth chart. 

It’s pronounced “Thee”.

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Haskins has more upside than Cardale though. I loved Jones and he should have a shot, but it is not bad to learn things a year either. 

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I long for the days when rookie QBs had to sit and learn for a year. Carson Palmer, Aaron Rodgers, etc. all benefitted from sitting. Get the mental side of the game down first and you’ll reach your potential faster especially in the NFL where the game moves so fast.

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I think that if Jay wasn’t on the Coaching hot seat then Haskins would have been named the starter. The learning curve that Haskins needs isn’t going to happen this year because Jay needs wins to secure his job. He can’t afford to let Haskins have a developmental season. Aikman went 1-15 as rookie if I recall. 


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No reason to pull a “new Browns” prior to Dorsey, and ruin a talented QB. 

Ill be on the Dwayne train for life.


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Best news I've heard today.

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

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From what I've seen of Haskins so far, this is the correct decision.  With the Redskins OL, he will probably end up starting before the season's over.


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Good for him. Lots of rumblings he's not even close to being ready. He needs to sit and watch/learn.  If they stay in the playoff hunt sit him all year. If they don't bring him in after the bye week in week 10.. Would start with Jets and Lions as his first two games..

Go Bucks!

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Good. At least he won't have to run for his life all season.

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He's the best of those three qb's, but that team is just bad. Redskins would be smart to let the others take the punishment until they have more talent.

"Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul" Woody Hayes

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Now suddenly he can learn from the bench, that's a different theory than was bantered here just two months ago. It's clear that he's having trouble adjusting to the big leagues which is completely understandable.


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Probably a good thing. Keenum will be broken in half after their first 6 games. Brutal opening schedule. 

TG Proud Buckeye alumnus.

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After 5 or 6 games Case Keenum.will have some aches and pains. Chicago Bears are an early game. Hopefully Dwayne gets some experience and much.more coaching. After 6 weeks a fresh prospective might be ready. Best of everything Buckeye.

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About what I expected. They need to shore up their OL anyway before throwing him to the wolves.

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-- Urban Meyer

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We'll see Haskins this year at some point.

Enjoying daily the back to back ttun beatdowns.


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I just hope when we see DH he doesn’t get Alex smithed or colt mccoyed due to that oline 

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The ringer ranked the wr groups in the NFL and the Redskins came in last place so that's no gonna suck for whoever the QB is.

High and tight boo boo

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Best for his health and his development. He can let the game continue to slow down and have Keenum deal with that terrible OL. 

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Wise decision. Haskins's biggest weakness is his footwork when under duress, and the Redskins' O-line is dreadful at the moment. That being said, I'd be shocked if he doesn't make at least one start this season.

Tom Brady lost to John Cooper. Never forget.

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I never give the Redskins credit for anything, but this actually was the best move. Haskins showed a lot of the flashes of what made him so intriguing coming out of Ohio State, but he is raw and needs to develop a bit more. He'll be ready sooner than later, but this is a smart call. 

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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He'll be starting by season's end, barring the Redskins shocking the world and actually being in playoff contention with Keenum getting it done.

Sitting a year isn't always a bad thing, and Haskins would probably benefit from doing so.  I figured if the Bengals took him, he'd sit a year behind Dalton, and then take over (like they did with Palmer back in 2003-04).

Class of 2010.

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The beginning of their schedule is brutal. They could be 1-4 and then insert him in.

Love it or leave it!

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So you all are telling me that it is better to take the money and sit the bench in the NFL  and learn then to play another year of college football and play and learn.