Big Ten Finalizes 2019-20 Schedule, Ohio State Faces Penn State, Minnesota In December

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31-0 finishing up with a win at MSU is going to be fun to watch.

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"Ohio State's final regular season [home] game will come against Illinois on March 5."

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Maybe we should move it to March 6th for old time's sake.

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Realistically, going 24-7 or 25-6 with this schedule would be an absolute win for Holtmann and the Basketbucks. I expect a Sweet 16 run out of this team given all of the returners and newcomers we signed.

You can't drink all day if you don't start at 7am.

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Really hard to envision any better than 24-7 with this schedule.  The newcomers will have to be even better than advertised to beat that.  Sweet 16 run though is definitely a reasonable expectation, and an important bar to clear for the program to takes its next step.

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What a packed schedule.

Going to be very important to win all the big home games. Cincinnati, Villanova, TTUN, Wisconsin, Indiana, Purdue. Going 5-1 or 4-2 in those games will be massive.

And Toledo still sucks.

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Villanova, UNC AND Kentucky... wow!

Tom Izzo has always scheduled top teams out of conference and I've heard him say, win or lose, it helps be better prepared for March.  With his long established reputation of tournament runs, I'm excited to see our program follow this model.

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No game in November outside of Columbus. That's fun!

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Always happen to see UM on the schedule twice, and we end the season at Sparty?  Love it.

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I'm glad they're returning to Nebraska this season. Got that one etched into the calendar! 

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This will be a fun season and a tough schedule.  I think if we can go at least 8-3 in the non-con schedule would set us up to do well in conference.

I think 23-25 wins is doable and could set us up well for B1G Tournament and NCAA Tournament.


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That's probably the best home slate of games in a long, long time.

Non-conference games against Cincy, Villanova, and another SJA game (versus Kent State), plus weekend home games against Wisky, Indiana, Michigan, and Purdue, among others.

Pretty awesome. I always get a 4 game ticket package. Gonna be some tough choices this year.

I play, coach stays. He goes, I go.

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Tough pre B10 schedule in addition to a strong B10 but I have great confidence in our coach and his staff not to mention what a great learning and teaching opportunity for this young team.  Learn and grow and Go Bucks! 

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Wednesday 12/4/2019
Wednesday 12/7/2019
Wednesday 12/15/2019

I dunno. Do you even fact check anymore? Isn't that taught in J School at "The"?

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No worries......tenure covers moronic moments....

Saban on a cart eating cold pizza