If J.K. Dobbins Leaves After This Season, Who Do You Think Would Start at Running Back?

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Sure he'll absolutely leave after he wins the Heisman....

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That a very good question, and I didn't vote as it would just be a wild guess with so little to base it on. 


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I voted Steele Chambers. Just to do something different. 

“I’m so tired of flexing.”

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Crowley is who I went with, probably is the most talented guy. Teague is more of a smash mouth guy, maybe that is just what he has done so far (he usually came in later in games last year and probably just was told to run straight at the line).

Seems like McCall has been around forever at this point. I hope this is his year, but I could see split time next year between two or so backs though.

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Voted MT3 just because he's been around longer, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it was Crowley

Shandy is not beer

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McCall isn't an every down back. 

Voted Crowley, but I'm intrigued by "Someone not on the current roster"

Not because of a potential Freshman being added to the 2020 class, but because of the portal. 

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My vote is for any of the million 5 star RBs that Georgia has that will transfer here.

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Someone who can stay healthy

You can't spell chump without UM's picture

Steele Chambers, because he has the best name of the four options.

Tom Brady lost to John Cooper. Never forget.

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Too soon to know how the new guys will do. Too much current football to focus on. Will trust that our RB coach and coordinators will make the best choice. Play all when we are comfortably ahead. Keep the starters healthy and the backups experienced.

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I don't know who starts, but I do know we'll have a stable of RBs with awesome, TV-and-TBDBITL-ready names:

"Run DMC" (cue Run DMC upon entrance)
"The Master" (cue Metallica)
"Man of Steel" (cue Superman movie theme)
"Mr. Crowley" (cue Ozzy)

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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Went with Teague on this one (between him and Crowley really) but just look at master, you wouldn’t think he is fast but the kid is running sub 4.4 40’s... it’s like shit, not only will he run you over, but then out run the other 10 guys on Defense too... really excited and hoping to see him get some more meaningful snaps this year when JK needs a breather