Countdown: 13 Days Until Ohio State Football

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Cincinnati Bearcat baseball player Nate Meyer

I have heard of that guy.  Impressive gene pool.

It's also impressive they have two walk-ons that earned many awards and scholarships later.  I remember hearing Fada's name a lot.

Varys: I've always hated the bells. They ring for horror, a dead king, a city under siege. 
Tyrion: A wedding. 
Varys: Exactly.

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It’s Sunday morning and 2,822 days since OSU has lost to that team. What a glorious start to a beautiful day. Watterson has had a lot of walk-ons for OSU, glad to see kids getting to live their dreams. Seems like they have had players in every decade for the last fifty years play for OSU, that’s impressive. 

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From what I can tell, perhaps only 1 guy on that list came here as a scholarship player - Bill Boyle. 

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Had no idea Watterson used Columbus North International’s field. Not exactly the nicest stadium. 

This is definitely where I parked my car.

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You probably could have put linebacker coach Al Washington with the alumni.

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Washington has been added.

Not sure why I left him off the list...probably because of where he was last year. /s

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I grew up in Clintonville so Watterson was only a few miles away.. Sister went brother and I went to St. Charles. Watterson dominated the Central Catholic League when I was in high school. Seems like times have changed. 

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Seattle Linga will be happy to see number 24. I attended their arch rival and the school that produced two current Buckeyes, Cleveland Heights High School (Jaylen Harris and Tyreke Smith).