Which September/October Ohio State Opponent Scares You Most?

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Skeered? I ain't skeered.

"It's always scotch-thirty on my island."

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Indiana should be an option. We always seem to win handily but they are pretty high on the list of teams who always scare us but shouldnt.

Negativity is a choice.

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Agreed: The Hoosier-Daddies worry me the most, at this point.

Not only is it the first road game, it's at noon for Indiana and 11 AM, for the Bucks.

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I think Bloomington is in the Eastern time zone. I lived about 45 minutes west of Bloomington and was in the Eastern time zone

That's a Buckeye touchdown!

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I agree with Indiana, too.  I'd just add that, the week before, Cincinnati may give us a tougher time than a lot of people are anticipating.  We could be coming off an unexpectedly hard fought victory - and a bit of a let down could be in the cards -

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I voted Michigan state but it was a toss up between them and Wisconsin... the last couple of years (I.e. Iowa and Purdue) we have lost a game we should of won following a big in conference win... hopefully coach day has these boys prepared week to week with no let up


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Voted Nebraska because Frost is innovative and I believe they'll be a challenge more than some others who were tougher in the recent past.
We will win big against all this season. Better talent and better coaching.
Wisc. Is good but until they pass effectively, they'll be 1 dimensional.

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I am sorry but in Lincoln, with Martinez having another year in the Frost system is too scary to not vote for.

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Voted Sparty as they have played us the toughest of anyone in the B1G over the past several years, but the two road games, at the people of the corn and the nerds on a friday night, could prove to be pitfalls. 


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Need a none -of-the-above option. I voted the Nerds because they actually won the west last year. 

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Nebraska in my opinion. The West is going to be so much fun to watch this year, I think Northwestern may end up winning it. Very curious to see what the line will be for the UC game, if it is 17+ points, UC is a lock! 

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I'm not really worried about Nebraska or Northwestern. However I am worried about michigan state. I think they are going to be great on defense and much improved on offense. Last year they were really injured. If they stay healthy when they come to Columbus, OSU is going to be in for a battle.

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I think the OSU OL can bully around a lot of the opponents on that list but not the MSU DL. It's going to take a team effort to win that game.

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Did not vote for any of them...none of these teams should even make us blink.....


Can't wait for the season to start.

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What tasty snack will the Buckeyes prefer? 

Cincinnati=peppermint patty; Nebraska=baked Alaska; Michigan State=Spartan cream cake; Northwestern=hot cross bun; Wisconsin=bathtub gin (gotta have a little libation to wash down all those snacks!)


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If people are scared of these teams then hopefully we won't make the CFP and have to play against Clemson and/or Bama

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I'm very concerned about Nebraska away, which will inevitably be a night game (TBD at the moment). And slightly concerned about at night game vs MSU (7:30 start) bc MSU's one dimensional offense.

I voted Nebraska bc of how Frost had them playing last year at home vs OSU. Not to mention, Nebraska should be undefeated when they play OSU in late September.

Cincinnati should be a good one, but it has the potential to get out of hand if OSU can get the D playing well and create turnovers (especially early in the game).

It is time!!!!!

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Northwestern. Weird Friday night and Evanston can be tough for the Buckeyes.

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Cincinnati only because it is the second game of the season. Fickell will have his troops ready for us. Hopefully we will work out the kinks in the FAU game and roll the Bearcats.

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I went with Wisky.  They severely under achieved last year.  But this Buckeye team can run the table, so more like biggest challenge, but scared isnt the right word.


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It depends. Whichever opponent has a kid with cancer whose dying wish is to see their team beat Ohio State will be the one. Keep a keen eye on the pregame narrative, if it involves kids with cancer or some terminal disease, that will be the opponent we lose to, and it will likely be a blowout. This is how recent history has played out.

Holy Buckeye!

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Gosh, I can't believe you wrote what I was thinking.  Tragedy brings teams to a white-hot passion that a coach can never duplicate in trying to hype his troops.  I am certain that the suicide of  OSU player Kosta Karageorge contributed to the resolve of the 2104 National Championship Buckeye team.  That team was playing in part for the fallen brother.