Countdown: 14 Days Until Ohio State Football

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In related news, Google is reporting a spike in searches for Tina Bockrath originating in the Columbus area.

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Thank you, Braxton Miller. Aside from Urban Meyer, the signature player that brought the program quickly back to prominence after Tatgate and the Nightmare that was the 2011 season. 

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I don’t think I had ever been more excited about a recruit than I was about Braxton Miller. Absolute legend.

This is definitely where I parked my car.

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Interesting that we went 23 years without a Wayne player (from '77-'99) on the roster, and now we've had one every year since 2000. Looks like that streak could be broken in 2020.  

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This school has given us some awesome buckeyes over the last 20 years. I love this series because it’s not just about the players, but the schools they come from. I always look at the famous alumni, and I find it fascinating that Vince and Victor Heflin both made it to the NFL and were born on the same exact day one year apart. That’s some family planning right there. 

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Bert remembers Brax - but likely not all that fondly

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I’m about three minutes from Wayne High school. Some absolute dogs came out of there 

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.