The Hurry Up: Jager Burton Plans a Visit to Columbus, Deontae Craig Commits to Iowa, Jack Miller Shows off His Arm

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That’s the same kind of air Bob Beamon long jumped 29’ in but still an impressive throw.  Hope he heals up all the way and doesn’t try impressing the critics to quickly.

The soldier is my son.  The school I gone to didn’t teach much grammar.  

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Scottsdale, Arizona elevation: 1,257 feet

Mexico City, Mexico elevation: 7,382 feet

Absolutely the same kind of air...

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However, there are sizable differences in elevation through the area, with the high point of Franklin County being 1,132 ft (345 m) above sea level near New Albany

So I'm thinking 54 yards in the air. :)

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that's what you came up with??  my lord.

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Jack Miller's offensive line last year was more porous than a submarine with a screen door. They won their season opener in OT because Miller refused to lose. He gutted out a couple fourth and longs on the GW drive. I think one was 4th and 30+. Their season fell apart when he went out. Chaparral 2019 will only go as far as his OL can keep Miller in the game. 

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Is Jager pronounced like the meister?

A man got to have a code...

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I mean, if it is, he’s a must take, right???

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At least take a “shot” at it


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Jager meister translated to English is

Hunter Master or master hunter 

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I have no reservations about Jack Miller, I am thrilled he’s going to be a Buckeye. He will sit one year behind Fields, then he will take his jersey #1 and QB#1 title for two years,... then the Philly kid! 

Our QB position going forward is tits with a side of bacon exciting!

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Can't wait for him to get on campus

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Yeah, not that it matters but millers star rating is going to go up

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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I’ve said it before here, but I watched Miller’s first game last year and he is absolutely 5star talent.  The kid looked like a college QB as Junior.  

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What a setting for Jack Miller and his teammates to play HS football: purple sky, palm trees, mountains in the background.

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