OSU Football Fans Rushing the Field at Away Games

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Either Iowa or Wisconsin did that at Minnesota and almost got them out of the stadium, only to get it stuck trying to go through the REVOLVING DOOR at the Metrodome.

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It was Iowa:

The Hawkeye horde carried an upright up a flight of stairs and onto a concourse before discovering the Metrodome’s revolving doors.

The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission billed Iowa $5,000 for the goal post. Iowa athletics director Bob Bowlsby gladly accepted the charge.

“We can’t take responsibility for everything our fans do,” Bowlsby said, “but it’s a good bet Gopher fans did not tear down the goal post.”

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Never heard of it besides then, and not a good look for the fanbase. That said, the Hoosiers are used to their stadium getting turned into a defacto tOSU home game, they just take it in stride and wait for hoops season. I've seen the O-H-I-O chant go around IU's stadium, in all sections.....

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Was at that 96 game. Hoosier fans comeback was "We'll tear down your nets after basketball win." Really???


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In defense of the fans, that win ended a 12-year Rose Bowl drought for the Bucks, the longest stretch without a trip to Pasadena during the years when that was the main postseason prize. So a little exuberance can be understood.

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I was one of those idiots that stormed Indiana’s field in 1996. Some of the players stayed on field and celebrated with us, but not all of them. We had just charged the field and I saw Orlando Pace jogging to the locker room. Like an idiot, I jumped in front of him to celebrate or something (not sure what I was thinking) and he threw a forearm shiver that sent me flying about five yards and put me flat on my back. It may not show on the stat sheet, but I got pancaked by Pace on IU’s field.

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I'd love to see that video from the sideline.

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This is a great story and I'm jealous, I would love to say I was pancaked by Pace


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Schlichter looks so young in the second one.

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I was in the OSUMB for the win at Iowa in 1990, and distinctly remember storming the field and playing an impromptu "Hang on Sloopy" while the players were still mingling around.  It was a high point of a poor season overall. Summary below from Bucknuts.

Ohio State 27  No. 6 Iowa 26 Ohio State quarterback Greg Frey connected with Bobby Olive in the back of the end zone for a 3-yard touchdown with 0:01 remaining in the game to clinch a 27-26 upset in Iowa City. The pass capped a drive that saw Ohio State take possession at the Iowa 48-yard line with 00:59 on the clock and no timeouts. The unranked Buckeyes trailed by 12 points with 11:00 remaining in the game, but Frey threw three touchdown passes during the span, including two to Olive, who eluded Iowa defensive back Merton Hanks on the game-winning catch. Hanks was also victimized for a touchdown at the end of the first half when a potential interception bounced off him and was snagged by Ohio State receiver Jeff Graham, who raced into the end zone to cut Iowa's lead to 17-14 at intermission. Linebacker Steve Tovar led the Buckeye defense with 14 tackles. The upset victory put Ohio State back in contention for a Big Ten title and a Rose Bowl berth after they opened the conference season 0-1-1. 

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It is very rare that OSU charges the field after any road game.  One of the main reasons this does not happen is because OSU student attendance at road games is sparse.  Most are older fans--like me--and our generation never did charge the field--even at home.  But, we sure enjoy a sweet road victory such as all Michigan wins, Oklahoma. Texas just to name a few.

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"Our generation never did charge the field - even at home?"

With all respect possible, does that place you as born before 1950?  Because the fans absolutely stormed the field after the 1970, 1972, and 1974 home wins over TTUN.  One of those years the goal posts were even coming down before the game ended.  In another of those years the fans had to be cleared to run a final play.

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@Iowa 2017: not only did Hawkeye fans storm the field at Kinnick but I saw a lot of red out there, too. It was weird watching that.

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Well it WAS a Cooper team remember

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I went to the game at IU the next time they played there (98), and some of the fans were still pissy about it. 

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Fiesta Bowl. Tempe, Arizona. January, 2003.

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There was a Game in the late 60's or early 70's up north, where Buckeye fans tore down the goal posts in Ann Arbor. Allegedly a VW bus drove down High St in Columbus with one of the posts on its roof.

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I was at that 87 game in AA. We all knew we were headed down to that field. Great moment in rivalry history. I remember a bunch of us chanting Duke Duke Duke, Duke of Earle while dancing on the M.

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I was there, too. I don't recall anything too wild on the field...we were just milling around, but the one thing I do remember is looking up into the stands and seeing seemingly 1,000's of empty liquor bottles glistening in the sun.

What a glorious time in the history of The Game - I don't go to a lot of OSU games but proud to say I was at the 1987 and the 2002 TTUN games.

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1996 @ Indiana was one of the most fun times I have ever had at an away game to go with 2002 @ Purdue.  After we took down the one set of goalposts I laughingly told some IU people, "just send OSU the bill"

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