Should Ryan Day Call Plays As a Head Coach?

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I voted to start but I am also okay with him playing calls all year if he feels Yurcich isnt ready, though I don't see that happening.

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I never understand when head coaches stop doing what makes them special and subsequently got them to the point they're at. It's like making your best salesman the sales manager where he no longer sells. It doesn't make sense.

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100% agree.  You think Sean Payten is ever going to stop calling plays?  Not a chance.

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The argument for why it makes sense for head coaches to stop calling plays themselves is simply this: Being a head coach has so many added responsibilities that an offensive coordinator doesn't have that it's hard to be successful doing both jobs. 

When Ryan Day was just the offensive coordinator, he basically was able to spend every working minute thinking about the offense. But now he has to do media obligations, he has to manage the coaches themselves, he has to be involved with twice as much recruiting, compliance issues, academics, etc. So the question whether Day can successfully juggle the time needed to be effective coordinating the offense and calling plays with the time needed for all those other things.

Watch the press conferences of any school when they hire a first-time head coach. Pretty much every single one will get asked if they still intend to call plays (offensive or defensive, doesn't matter). Near-universally the first-time head coach will reply with a polite/polished version of "yeah, I'm still calling plays, it's what got me here, duh". But then if you look back at those same coaches a couple years later, many of them will have delegated primary play-calling duties after realizing that the 974 other things that come with being head coach make it extremely difficult to be effective at both their primary responsibility (head coach) and their self-assigned secondary responsibility (coordinator).

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Couldn't agree more.

I say give Kevin Wilson the reigns with Yuricich having more of a role down the road (still not sure what a passing game coordinator is)

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If it works Hell yes call plays, who are we as fans or the stupid media to question anything that any coach does?

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Don't fix it if it ain't broke. Long as he can call plays and juggle things like clock management and general decision making abilities I say do what got you here. We know he can make a hell of a game plan. And his routine of creating a new and unique playbook for each individual opponent week in and week out is also an A+ in my book as well.

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I think head coaches have a whole lot on their plate during the game.  They can't see the big picture, understand the game situation etc when they are fully dialed in to the offense and calling plays.  Sure, the head coach can call some plays every now and again when he feels it's warranted, but ultimately you have an offensive coordinator to run the offense, and a d coordinator to run the defense.  The head coach should have the pulse of the entire team.  At least that's how I see it. 

Day has an additional challenge in that he's a first year head coach (although with some prior experience), so he has a bigger challenge keeping everything in perspective.  I'd say to the HC, delegate to the OC, send in plays or tweak things as needed.

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Until it doesn't work, (or is more than Day wants on his plate and RD feels confident in Wilson and Yucich) keep Wilson in the press box, with Day calling plays. That's what they did last year. 


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There's a reason that you have an Offensive Coordinator.  Prior to the game, the staff develops a game plan, generally with input from both the HC and OC.  I was a HC for 35 years and my OC always called the plays, based on a game plan that WE developed.  This allowed me to follow the game and from time to time, ask him to insert a call during a series.  Not having to worry about the focus required to get the plays called on the field for each down, I was able to focus on the overall game, offensively, defensively and special teams ....

If I've done my job as the HC, then the game plan has been properly developed for the opponent and should only require tweaks during the game and any minor adjustments during the half time break. 

A perfect example of the HC calling the offensive plays gone bad, one need look no further than that halfwit at the helm of the Puke & Blue.  I'm more concerned about playing them, since he's apparently going to hand the reins of play calling to their new OC ....

In short, develop the game plan during practice week, let the coordinators call the plays (offensively and defensively) and insert calls, as you feel they are warranted, but keep your focus on the entire game, not just the play calling .... Best way to do it - make sure you hire good coordinators that you trust will carry out the plan .....

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If he wasn't calling the plays last year, I'd say no. But playcalling is his forte so I have no problem with it.

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I think that this comes down to who he filled his staff with.  He is a guy that is known to be great running an offense and teaching QB's.  Had he struggled to fill out the defensive staff, then I would say no.  But he brought in Hafley to basically run the defense, and Mattison to groom him.  He moved quickly and got the right guys on that side of the ball, so he feels comfortable delegating to the guys he brought in.  I'm 100% ok with him calling the offense, and think it's going to be what keeps the recruits signing.

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If he called plays when he was head coach for the first three games last season, then he should keep doing it.  Obviously he'll need to utilize his staff to make good decisions and delegate when necessary.  

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It doesnt matter.  Gonna have the Best offense in the B10 again no matter if Brutus calls the offensive plays. 


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It's about trust, Day has too much riding on handing his offense over to anyone else right now. Can't blame him, when his play calling has been fantastic.

If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special.

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

Although, I he eventually decides to have his OC call plays, I'd have faith in his decision in that regard, also -

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Day is a first time head coach ON ANY LEVEL. It doesn't make sense to put so much on his plate when we have some great offensive minds on staff.

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I am all for it.  He just called the plays on a record breaking offense. I think we are going to be very happy with whatever coach day decides to do.  I am sure Wilson and Yurish will have some role in the playcalling also. Team effort

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I think Wilson should be the head play caller. Dude's resume as an OC is insane. 

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I agree. Let Wilson call 90% with Day giving strong suggestions if needed.
Is Coach Day calling defensive plays too ? Maybe he can blitz an additional 40 or 50 times this year.
Controlled by Day but called by Wilson. Won by the Buckeyes.

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I voted for more of a slow progression but then changed my mind.

I think Kevin Wilson knows the offense well enough to have Day just around to say things like "lets try to throw the ball more on the next drive" and the 4th down go-no-go calls. Letting Wilson determine the specifics of what plays to call.

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I can give you 62 reasons why he should.

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The guy is an offensive genius why would he stop?

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I voted yes - ultimately I think the job of the head coach is to have the best play caller call plays - even if that's himself.

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Give Kevin Wilson the keys to the offense and watch Ohio State land in the playoffs. The man can flat out coach. 

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To be fair, Day never said "I'll be calling all of the plays".  We'll see how it really works. My hunch is that Day will slowly hand over play calling as Yurcich learns how Day thinks.

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Day is the Alpha dog in the WHAC.  The players know it and the assistant coaches know it.  He must call the plays to establish "The Ryan Day Offense".  Once the entire organization gets it down pat, he can begin to delegate.  But the program needs an early injection of 100% pure Ryan establish itself.

Keep calm.  It's only a game.


Day is a brilliant offensive mind. To not use that experience would be incredibly dumb. Luckily Day has Kevin Wilson and Mike Yurcich in the pressbox to help him out. I am sure Day's OC's No. 1 job is making life easier for him so he can handle the head coaching duties a little better. I'd be more worried if Day had no OC's on his staff whatsoever.

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62-39 whoever was calling play's in The Game.......

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The value of Kevin Wilson can't be understated. The dude was calling plays for one of the highest scoring offenses of all-time. His Indiana teams have us fits. That dude is still on the staff and developing these game plans with coach Day, and coach Yurcich.

You're talking about the combined offensive knowledge of Kelly's Oregon, OKST, an all-time OU team, and Urban's OSU offense and Florida offense w/ Dan Mullen.

The idea that coach Day, develops individual playbooks for each game and has that wealth of knowledge to aid him do it, I'd say we might be limiting the scope of an OCs contribution, including Co-OCs.

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