This Week's Question: What is the Best Sporting Event You Have Seen Live?

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The 1969 Rose Bowl. The Super Sophs versus OJ Simpson led USC.

Too much time spent at the North Heidelberg rather than the classroom. SSD 68-72

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2014 Big Ten championship game. 

Honorable mention, 2009 Ohio State vs. Iowa

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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Literally both of these games came to mind for me.  Probably two of the best Ohio State games I've been to, along with the MSU game in 2014 too.

Outside of OSU, I was at the Sunday Night game in Indy when Peyton made his first visit as a Bronco, that was a really cool experience. 

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2nd runner up: Villanova over UNC in Houston to win March Madness. Great game, didn't have a rooting interest other than 'fuck Carolina's cheating ass'.
1st runner up: UFC in Cleveland with then heavyweight champ and local hero Stipe Miocic taking out 'The Demolition Man' and leading the crowd in 'OH' - 'IO' from the octagon.
But the best was in the Sugar Bowl watching the Buckeyes take down the Bama bullies. My favorite team winning an incredible game in an upset most non-Buckeyes didn't see coming. Didn't get back to the hotel until after sunrise with a much lighter wallet and almost no voice left.

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Runner up: 2006 The Game
Winner: Tom Browning's perfect game

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Sugar Bowl vs Alabama. 

Its the only bowl game I’ve ever attended.  I’ve been to a few NFL playoff games and some postseason baseball. None of them come close to the Sugar Bowl.  Plus, New Orleans is a perfect place to have a big game, because there’s so much to do.

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I'll have to agree Cecsix.

Nothing cleanses the soul like a no call pass interference.

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Watching Hank Aaron get his 3,000th hit at Crosley Field. 

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NC win over Oregon. It's made even sweeter that we were given the tickets by depressed Bama fans after Ohio State beat them in the Sugar Bowl.

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2017 Ohio State versus Penn State, hands down.

Honorable mentions: 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs - Eastern Conference semis, Caps-Pens. Ovie and Crosby each score hat tricks in a 4-3 Caps win. 2018 Maryland versus Ohio State, near cardiac in College Park. 2004 Big 33 Classic - Ohio over Pennsylvania 34-30, Ted Ginn goes HAM to help Ohio get the win.

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Was there. Dude in our section was contemplating "leaving the game" at halftime and I talked him off the ledge...if you actually paid attention, we we're arguably outplaying PSU, we just had the fumble & SB kickoff return. We were moving the ball at will against their defense. JT second half performance was absolutely legendary. One of the wildest crowds I've ever seen in the Shoe.  

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Was also @PSU last year. Holy shit, the looks on their faces as they sat in their cars leaving the stadium. They couldn't believe what just happened. 8 minutes to midnight....

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1996 regular season MLB game, Seattle vs Cleveland at the Jake. Randy Johnson v. Charles Nagy. Was truly 2 of the best MLB teams ever assembled and it was a 13-9 (?) slugfest. A-Rod was a rookie and one of his HRs is still the longest HR I've ever seen in person-dude could rake. 

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Still the 1997 Rose Bowl for me. 

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I probably high-fived you.  Awesome game.

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I’ve been to the 2015 NCG, and essentially every Ohio State classic since then, but I’m going to go with the Cavs unveiling the championship banner during the 2016 season opener. Game 1 of the World Series was also that night, and after the Cavs blew out the Knicks, I went across the street to watch the Indians beat the Cubs on a huge screen in between the two stadiums. I saw Roberto Perez’s home run ball physically enter the bleachers, so that was pretty cool.

This is definitely where I parked my car.

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2002 national championship game is tops, by a wide margin. Good friend and I split the 50 yard line on OSU's side of the field in Sun Devil Stadium that night... press row separated us from Archie's family box. It was, as they say, meant to be. Runner-up would be OSU at ttun in 75. LSU at Ohio State in 88 -- unbelievable comeback win for the Buckeyes that was incredible to watch live while standing on the track that used to be in Ohio Stadium -- gets an honorable mention... and if the 1988 season hadn't been such a shit show, this game might rank higher.

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2002 National Championship Game

2002 Michigan game

1987 game @ LSU

1986 season Cotton Bowl game

My parents visited me in Houston in September 1981.  We wanted to go the Astrodome to see a baseball game. The Dodgers were in town.  Dad wanted to see Fernando Valenzuela (Fernando mania).  I wanted to see Nolan Ryan.  We sent to watch Valenzuela pitch.  Ryan pitched a no hitter the next night.

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OSU-related:  vs. PSU and vs. UM at the Shoe in 2002.  Unbelievable games in an unbelievable season.

Non-OSU:  Game 3 of the first round between CBJ and Tampa at NWA this year.  Crazy atmosphere.

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It was either 1948 or 49 at the Cleveland  Arena when Kentucky with Groza, Beard, Line, Barnstable, and Jones (the only one not on the take) played Bowling Green who had Otten and Share, both about seven feet. Kentucky won by a point or two. Groza fouled out early in the second half. Jones kept Kentucky in the game shooting what now would be 3's. Hell of a game.

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Ohio State Michigan 2002

Ohio State/Wisconsin B1G Championship 2014 

Ohio State Texas 2005 - If Ohio State had won, it might be #1

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The NCG between the Bucks and the Ducks at Jerry World. Thanks to my good friend Conan for helping make it possible.

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1. 2003 NC game.

2. 1997 Rose Bowl.

3. 1984 home win over Illinois coming back from 24-0 deficit with Byars scoring five TD's and rushing for 274 yards ( and running out of his shoe).

4. 2006 The Game.

5. 1993 basketball upset of #1 Indiana in OT thanks to clutch threes by Jamie Helton Skelton.

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CFP Championship over Oregon but hanging 62 on Michigan was pretty sweet. 

Man….. this football team.-Jeff Okudah 

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2015 NCG

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2000 first year Griffey Junior in Cincy against the Indians, he goes off 2 HR 8 RBIs. Oh man what he coulda done in Cincy if he could have stayed healthy!

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1) 1970  OSU 20  TTUN 9 (freshman year at tOSU)

2) 1977  Oklahoma 29  OSU 28

These two games I remember most for the emotionally-charged atmospheres in the stadium. 

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2002 NC game over Miami. Had VIP passes and got to meet Toby Keith. Pre-game radio show at a local bar (ACME Roadhouse) with Earle Bruce and Keith Byars.

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2002 NC game by a pretty large margin. That game had so many incredible players from both sides and so many incredible plays made by both teams hands diwn my favorite. Plus my scalped ticket that cost 100.00 I got for the game 30 minutes before kickoff!

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

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Of the 43 players who started in the game (OSU's Chris Gamble started on both offense and defense), 37 of them were eventually NFL draft picks (including 18 first-rounders). Of the 100 players who played in the game, 52 went on to be drafted and 58 went on to play in the NFL.

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1976: Cavs win Game 7 v Washington Bullets for first ever playoff series win...The Miracle of Richfield.

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I guess for me it would be game 3 of the 1990 World Series. That was the game the Reds won against the A's Dennis Eckersley who had been almost perfect all year. In that game the immortal Billy Bates started the rally with what may have been his only hit ever with the Reds and then scored on a Joe Oliver hit. That game gave the Reds a three game sweep at Riverfront Stadium and after the game there were many folks carrying brooms. Of course the Reds went on to win game four and the series in Oakland.

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Not to be a stickler, but that was game 2.  The World Series (and LCS) uses a 2-3-2 setup, so the first two games were in Riverfront (was it Cynergy yet), and games 3 and 4 were in Oakland.  5 would have been in Oakland as well, with 6 and 7 back in the Natty as well. 

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I haven’t been a large consumer of sports in person so my selection is limited, but definitely 2004 The Game with an honorable mention to watching Alex Morgan score her 100th international goal against Australia 

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'02 National Champ game: probably the best game I've ever seen in person.

'14 National Champ game: the utter domination of Oregon and their incredible offense getting shut down by our team completely on a roll unlike I've ever seen.

'97 World Series Game 7: Marlins win in extra innings off a single that drove Craig Counsel home I believe.

Tough to choose between these three for different reasons.

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'02 National Championship

'06 TTUN game

'18 TTUN game

Pretty close between those 3. 

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Columbus Blue Jackets taking down heavily favored Tampa Bay game 4 to advance to 2nd round 1st time ever in Franchise history..   2019....Nationwide Arena was rockin


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The Game 2006. 

Honestly, Bo dying the day before was pretty emotional even for a die hard buckeye fan. A great moment of silence in the Shoe that day. Troy 'running with the bull' introduction on Senior Day the year of his Heisman campaign. That game had it all. 

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2002-3 National Championship game. 

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2002 OSU vs TTUN

Was at the Royals game when Bo Jackson ran up the wall.  Not really a great game but a cool moment.

Worst games were the 2007 BCS championship, 2017 at Iowa, and last year Purdue.  All 3 give me reoccurring nightmares.

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02 TTUN Game was a bigger crowd explosion/reaction than the Fiesta Bowl the same year. By a lot. It was our generation's first taste of a championship and people tore the damn stadium down, stormed the field and screamed until their vocal chords gave out. Also the riots after the game in the neighborhoods were other worldly. Cars and couches on fire, riot cops, helicopters, beer bongs everywhere, strangers making was basically Gomorrah

Weird honorable mention, it was probably the combination of the all day drinking that comes along with opening day and the situation of being down by 2, bottom of the 9th, 2 outs...but when Ramon Hernandez hit that 3 run walkoff HR on opening day in Cincy in 2011, it was anarchy. People were trying to pull the seats out of the concrete. The party spilled out of the stadium and people were just walking out of Fifth Third with full beers and drinking in the middle of the street. Security gave up. Never seen that out of a baseball crowd in my life. Not even for World Series wins. 

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There are so many. Some are the miracle on ice, 1969 rose bowl, OSU beating Miami, 2006 OSU over UM, UM losing to App St., pretty much anytime UM loses, etc. Last year I watched the Boston Marathon and two incredible things happened. First it was really cold and rainy with a strong head wind and a Japanese male runner knew he could not out kick other runners so he went out strong and forced the pace before submitting but returned to the front three other times before dropping back 1 minute 30 seconds to 2017 winner Kenyan Kirui late and then out of nowhere caught and won. Second, when American favorite Shalane Flanagan had a problem and had to make a stop at a porta potty, american Des Linden fell back to help her (shielding her from wind and rain) back to the lead pack. Kenyan Daska and Ethiopian Sheser broke out to a huge lead late before Des Linden ran them both down and won going away (first American women to win in 33 years). It was satisfying that team sacrifice and good sportsmanship prevailed. That said Secretariat in the Belmont was number 1 for me.

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You were in Lake Placid for the Miracle on Ice, and at Belmont for Secretariat?

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Not in any particular order of importance ....

1. USMNT in a friendly in 1990 - I went to see Tony Meola - loved watching him play. 

2. Cowboys v. Redskins - 1978 - Thanksgiving Day game ... as an 6-year-old kid, wow!!!

3.  The Game, 2010 - Pryor's last home game .... loved that game though!

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2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs Nashville Predators vs San Jose Sharks.  Preds win in 3OT!

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2002 Natty over Miami
1997 Rose Bowl over ASU
There's a bunch.  Those two stick out the most.


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It's a three way tie between @Purdue 2018, Oklahoma 2017, and Michigan State 2015.

Honestly I haven't been to a really great game. The home games while I was at OSU (from 2012-2015) were kind of underwhelming, which isn't a bad thing considering we were the favorite in probably every one of them.

Best I've ever seen is probably Bears - Vikings at Soldier Field last year. After years of futility it was awe inspiring to watch the resurgence. Win put them in squarely in the driver's seat for the NFC North. Good game by Khalil Mack and Eddie Jackson had a sick pick six.

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That 2012 m*chigan Game was awesome!!!!

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Missed that one and the Purdue game that year, but those would definitely be contenders for the best.

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It’s between The Game 2016 and 2018. Special mention to this year’s Rose Bowl. Not really a great game but watching Urban walk off the field for the final time was surreal

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My son’s team winning a state football championship. Or my daughter in club swimming national championships.

Something  you can relate to? I go to The Game  every year. My favorite was 2001 (over 87, 78*, 05, 2013, 02, 06, 18, 15, 16, 17, 12, 04, 79... — damn this is fun!!!) 

* a loss, but my first and the only one with Woody and Bo.

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Davis Cup Tennis

Romania at the United States

Cleveland, OH Sep 1969

Arthur Ashe and Stan Smith for the U.S. vs Illie Nastase and Ion Tiriac for Romania. 

The US won 5-0 but the Stan Smith v Illie Nastase match is the best match I ever saw. Smith won 11-9 in the fifth set after losing the first two sets 6-4, 6-4. 

Even better that I'd been home from Vietnam about six weeks. Great homecoming. 


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Sugar Bowl against Bama and Cavs game 6 before they won the NBA Championship.  Both were absolutely INSANE.

For me, both beat the NC game against Oregon which is hard to believe.  Plus many wins against Michigan (Double OT, Undefeated year) and Penn State.  

Those two wins were on another level.  Complete other level.  

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2002 PSU game at the Horseshoe. Watching Johnny Football get eaten alive by Carlos Dunlap in his NFL debut against the Bengals would be the top non-tOSU event. Seeing LeBron as a HS sops was big in retrospect.

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As a student, I was at every home game in 2002 (save one IIRC).  Although the UM game was amazing (and on my list above), I'll always contend the PSU game was the loudest I've ever heard the Shoe.  Our seats were in south stands behind TBDBITL, and it was pandemonium when Chris Gamble brought his pick six back to that endzone.

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2001 The Game, was there in stadium watching JT's "you will be proud of your Buckeyes" speech some true. Even though our record that year wasn't good, to beat them up was pure 1990's payback gold.

2002 Holy Buckeye game at Purdue - was there in stadium watching and seated on the aisle in the end zone where Jenkins caught the TD pass.. all Buckeye crowd in that end zone, we went crazy, I started running up and down the aisle just screaming... saw myself later on TV clips of that play. That was a good Purdue Def team, and they had their safeties way down in the box daring us to throw the ball, which we didn't all game until....

2002 The Game, was there watching in the stadium as Mike Doss basically stopped their running game the whole game. The crowd started climbing over the walls and security "tried" to keep them off the field, but finally just gave up... we stayed for 45 minutes watching the pandemonium - goal posts being climbed, and lots of turf being torn up. Took my girlfriend at the time to the Heiny Gate hotel (holiday in on Lane ave.) to watch the 2003 NC game against Miami... there was about 60 people in one of their meeting roooms with booze, food, screaming, cussing and we just went crazy when Cie Grant grabbed Dorsey...

2006 The Game, was there watching in the stadium. Pretty cool to watch Troy do his charging bull sprint during senior day activities, then to watch how helpless the M defense was in trying to stop our passing game. Our def that year was not nearly as strong as 2005 def was, so M moved the ball really well in 2nd half... but, I don't have to tell you how the game turned out.

Time and change does surely show...

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2003 NC

1997 Rose

2009 Iowa


1998 MSU

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2012 Michigan - I mean that season is still hard to believe. It was a combination of "We just went undefeated and beat UM", and "The next time we play a game we will have no sanctions". Unreal feeling. 

2014 Big Ten Championship - I'll be honest, if someone offered me face value for the tickets after JT went down, I would've sold them in a heartbeat. I was so upset. "How could 2 heisman candidates go down in the same year??". When Zeke broke free to make it 14-0, I caught the faith. That coupled, with driving 6 hours home (got home around 6 AM), and then not being able to sleep as we awaited the selection show. I mean GD, that was an incredible 16 hours. 

Elliott dots the eye, on this national championship win. 

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2006 TTUN game. Just sort of miracled into tickets. Last row of B-deck. 

You've got to kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight. 

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Two are right up there as a fan of the team: 1) Easter Sunday 1973 Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals—double overtime!—between the Knicks and the Celtics at Madison Square Garden.  The Knicks overcame a 16-point deficit at the end of the third period—in the era before the 3-point shot—and that remained a record comeback in the playoffs for many years.  The Garden was as loud as anything I have ever witnessed—and the fact that it happened against the rival Celtics made it all the sweeter; plus, it happened on the way to what is still the Knicks’ most recent NBA title.

2) 1965 County Championship game between my older brother’s varsity high school soccer team and its arch-rivals, which my brother’s team won, 2-1, on a very late goal.  It doesn’t get much better than that when you’re a diehard sports fan in 7th grade.

As a neutral spectator: Game 6 of the 1975 World Series—the Carlton Fisk home run game.  It was my first and only game ever at Fenway Park.  As a baseball fan, I recognized what an amazing game it already was as we headed into the 10th inning and I told the guy sitting next to me at that point that it will probably go down as one of the greatest games in World Series history.  

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It's a tie.

My younger son pitched the final two innings of his rec team's 11-12 year old championship game in our city to win the title, ending the game with a swinging strike-out.  He led the team in batting average, OBP, slugging pct, OPS, HR, doubles, triples hits, walks, RBI and in pitching, led in ERA.  He was second on the team in stolen bases, but went a perfect 24-24, and the leader (who typically hit leadoff) went 25-26.

My older son coached his high school alma mater's freshman team to a win in their conference tournament last season,  His team had a 22-1 record, winning the regular season conference title.  Their only loss was because he had to hold out his two best players the first half so they could play on JV that evening because of injuries to other players higher in the program.  They were down 17-8 after the first quarter, and lost the game 23-22.

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Feb, 2001.  Crew Stadium. 28 degrees as USMNT hosted Mexico in the first World Cup Qualifier in Columbus.  Atmosphere was unbelievable, as was the play on the field. Brian McBride, Josh Wolfe, and Clint Mathis brought the heat to a freezing crowd that stood the entire game. (To be honest, those aluminum benches just sucked they heat out of your body.) US finally found a home field advantage (money be damned), and the legend of Dos a Cero was born.


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NC game vs Miami was very special.

Closing Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta was very special also. Was lucky enough to have free VIP tickets. (Not because I was one though)

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Jack winning his own golf tournament. I forget which year.

Sooner or later it all gets real.

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Secretariats win at the Derby

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#1: 2003 NC vs. Miami

#2: Super Bowl XXVIII in Atlanta. Dallas-Buffalo round 2. Took my dad. He was a huge Browns fan and he actually got to see Bernie Kosar play in a Super Bowl, even if it was just the final kneel down at the end.

#3. OSU-Oklahoma 1977. Damn you, Ewe.

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