Three Things to Know About Ohio State's Jordan Fuller, Jonathon Cooper and K.J. Hill Entering Their Senior Seasons

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Those are three dapper dudes and excellent ambassadors of The Ohio State University. Lead on, men of the scarlet and gray!

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My first thoughts exactly... Fuller (all academic) seems to be so humble and I'm loving the previous history w/Hafley. 

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Coach Day chose wisely.  What wonderful representatives of the program. 

It makes me even more stoked about the upcoming season - if that's possible -

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One step closer to game day.

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Man Jordan Fuller is a stand up guy

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The leadership provided by these young men will be paramount for the 2019 season's success.

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Pretty clear why these three gents were chosen to rep tOSU.

Here's to capping off three stellar careers this fall.

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Captains my captains. 3 great kids. 

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Not sure who else could have been in the running, but I think Day chose wisely with the three young men he chose to go to Chicago with him.

Fuller, Cooper, and Hill all spoke well and acquitted themselves, and the program, nicely.  When their efforts on and off the field translate in to production this fall, it will prove to have been an even better decision for them to accompany the coach to the B1G meetings.

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Proud to be a Buckeye.

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Great 3 choices for the media day. Fuller exemplifies what it means to be an Academic All-American. Cooper has the right attitude about not leaning on talent. Meanwhile, K.J. Hill is quietly re-writing the record books -- he reminds me a bit of Art Monk in that way. 

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Does K.J. Hill know who the starting QB is going to be?  Since he didn’t mention about pulling Gunner Hoak or the other QBs to go do pass routes like J.T. and Dwayne did with him.

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The Buckeyes consistently have some really really good guys on that team. It's a pleasure rooting for men with this type of character and it seems to be the case year after year.

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