Ryan Day Believed “From the Get-Go” That Jeff Hafley Would Be Successful on the Recruiting Trail

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Coach Hafley's NFL background and personality has certainly made an impact on the recruiting trail.  I expect our defensive back play to improve greatly this fall under his leadership.  Go Bucks!

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The Schiano /Grinch shit show didn't set the bar too high for improvement.

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True however Kerry Combs’ influence still looms in that room as the bar was set high under Coach Combs. We are STILL DBU & that’s the bar again! 

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OSU has been dbu for several years. He has his work cut out for him.

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More and more about Grinch leaks out - CBs and Safeties in different rooms - really only wanted to play a 3-4 defense - my way or highway. I think Grinch is a good coach, but only if all other parts and coaches are subservient to his scheme. OSU just wasn't a good fit for him.

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I agree completely, I just hope in the coming years we finally get the back story on the war between him and Greg which translated into the worst defense in OSU history.  Seems pretty hard to believe that suddenly Greg become a horrid DC that cant coach, scheme, or develop players.


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You could have the best DC in the world and your defense is still going to suck if your assistant coaches can't coach. That's what happened last year with Bill Davis and Grinch. Just like your Ferrari isn't going very far with two flat tires. Davis and Grinch were flat tires last year.

In 2016 Schiano had excellent assistant coaches, Fickell was a great LB coach, Schiano was with the safeties, LJjr on the DL, Coombs at corner. It made for a fantastic defense despite only returning 3 starters that year.

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I think flat tires everywhere we just offended lol

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Great write up.  Coach Hafley hit the ground running and I suspect he’s going to kick it up a notch to another level.   What a great hire!  I absolutely love what Ryan Day has done thus far.  

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Coach Mattison probably only has a couple of years left so there should be the prospect of increased responsibility in the near future so that will hopefully keep him around. After that he will likely look for a head coach job. The issue will be if a NFL team offers a DC position after he kills it the next two years at OSU.

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Day has assembled a great staff. When you have high character leaders, others will follow with high character. My excitement continues to build.

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I hope this is a long term hire, too.  If he coaches as well as he recruits, this is s gold mine.  All indications point to the DBU tag just getting stronger.

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He's been a great hire so far, with continuing success I could see Ohio State DC in his not too distant future. 


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I am excited to watch Coach Hafley continue to make strides on the recruiting trail but I'm even more excited to watch how it all plays out on the field in the fall. 

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I like his wife also after hearing her ask “Why don’t your defensive backs turn and look for the ball” at a previous coaching stop. Got to like that!

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I love the team approach Fuller mentioned. Hafley asking the guys what they think about their ideas. 

Thats certainly an NFL mindset but it also allows players to take ownership of what’s happening. If they’re part of the decisions about how to play and what adjustments to make, they’re certain to buy in to it and play hard. 

From the comments (and the on-field results) I get the sense the previous staff wasn’t that way... 


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I am among those who believe the talent is definitely there.  So a competent coach should make a huge difference.  But I also believe that Coach Hafley is a whole lot more than just competent. 

A nearly complete defensive turnaround may be in the works -

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Jeff Hafley is going places in football.  

Glad he is at Ohio State now. 

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Anyone who doesn’t think Hafley is an upgrade over our previous coach from Rutgers?

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You referring to Schiano? I don't think that's an accurate comparison. He was a phenomenal recruiter. Or are you talking about Chris Ash?

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I agree TPM about having the safeties and corners in separate meeting rooms, especially in the pass happy way the game is played today.   Both groups have to be somewhat interchangeable. Never made sense to me. Reeks of a power struggle.

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Looking forward to seeing coach Hafley bring back the “silver bullet” swag that is tOSU secondary... last year was a complete nightmare, guys saying they didn’t work on turning and looking for the ball until week 3 or 4, what the hell is that... I’m looking forward to seeing guys like Arnette improve, because you can tell he is a talented football player, but with the proper direction from Hafley he should improve greatly... wade, okudah, fuller all guys who should have big years and bring back the DBU mantra


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I think a lot of us, myself included, were scratching out heads asking "Jeff who?" when Day hired him. But man this seems to be a home run hire if there ever was one. The only downside is that he might be TOO good to keep around for more than 2 seasons.

Every single day I keep finding new reasons to believe Ryan Day is an absolute legendary coach and the rest of the world is about to learn that fact very soon.

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