J.K. Dobbins Named to 2019 Doak Walker Award Watch List

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About 70 players overall and 8 from B1G. Seems a little watered down


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I count 9 players from the Big Ten. OSU, Iowa, Illinois, Northwestern, Minnesota has two different ones on the list, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Maryland.

Pretty sad for both MSU and ttun that they have none and somehow lowly Minnesota is able to get two on the list. Also no Penn State. So essentially the three toughest opponents for the Buckeyes in the East look to have no running game.  I guess it makes it easy to set up the defense.

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Him and pretty much every other starting running back in the nation it seems like....

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… except for from TTUN, if I perused the list correctly. Both Eastern Michigan and Western Michigan are represented though. 

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This is the quality content I live for.

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So watch lists are every starter at that position for the upcoming season now? What a waste of time.

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The list seems, uh, rather....comprehensive!

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or at least every returning starter (plus some guys who maybe didn't start last year but had the opportunity to produce).

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Cam Akers. I still wander what could’ve been. I love JK, but I felt that Akers would’ve just been nasty at tOSU. 

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Better (free) crab legs and crawfish at Florida State, lol.

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